That feeling is back!

Last Friday was magical. It was just one of those days where I was transported back to that glass-room we sat in for a while in 6th standard. And that day I realized what was common among all those I felt like it. It’s very early to feel that way–it’s the first week of January only!– but then again, I didn’t think I was going to feel that way here in Mumbai.

It was maths. Most of the times I’ve felt like that, that sweet, sweet nostalgia, warm and cozy with the smell of summer in the air, it’s usually when I’m sitting in class and I’m solving a maths problem. When I was in my 6th standard, I remember getting a long list of problems to solve in class and I was on top of it. I was doing it one by one and simultaneously helping my other classmates who couldn’t get the answers right. I was so competent back then.

The previous few times that I did get to solve problems I was so behind. Always. Even I did do it very carefully and think I got the answer, I am always wrong. But I just laugh and correct myself and learn. And I take a few moments and sit back and breathe in the slightly-humid-and-warm-but-no-hint-of-rain-air and think, it’s okay. It’s calm and peaceful and there would be nowhere else I’d rather be.


Gratitude 2018

Gratitude 2018

There were a set of prompts that were set up by the Counselling Centre at College for a year-end review and as I normally don’t remember much (even with really nice bullet journals) of the year that went past, I thought it would be a good idea to write up a post on all the things that I was very grateful for because what better way to feed the fire that is homesickness that is eating you up on New Year’s eve, right?

  1. What made me smile today? The fact that I have people that I love back home that just understands me and is willing to do anything for me.
  2. What is the one thing that you love about yourself? Ugh, hard one. But okay. My mental and emotional strength. It was put to test in the second half of this year and I made it. Alive and with few scratches here and there and even a few deep gashes, but alive.
  3. What accomplishments in life has brought you most the most happiness? The fact that I’m getting better at art is probably my highlight. But I would also say that my moving away from home is something that I’m proud of. It doesn’t make me necessarily happy, but I’m still proud of it.
  4. What is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for? The place. The change of place, although it makes me sad, is definitely something that I am grateful for.
  5. What do you like about the current season? The trees are very beautiful this time of the year.
  6. What is something beautiful that you saw today? I would love to say the beautiful flower crowned pictures of my favourite K-pop stars.
  7. What made you laugh today? Memes about Shadowhunter chronicles. Some were just hilarious. I was sitting and drinking coffee in the dining hall and laughing like a maniac.
  8. What is the one thing that was hard to do but you did it anyway? Moving away from Akka. It was, and still is, the hardest thing to do because I always suspected her to leave first. But it was me. Also, letting go of my pride and asking for help when I actually do need it.
  9. What is something you are good at? Um, avoiding people with whom you make eye contact. I just mastered the skill. I was always pretty good at it but now I can actually teach it.
  10. What gift did you love receiving this year? The box from my family. It had an extremely cute polar bear pillow, soan papdi, banana chips from one of my favourite bakeries, and many other things.
  11. What is something you love in nature? The blue sky. Always.
  12. What was the best thing that happened today? Nothing that great happened. Yet. Not today, at least.
  13. What kindness did someone give today? During breakfast, there was this tiny little kitty roaming about. Cats aren’t as fond of me as dogs are so this one was the same. But afternoon, during lunch, I saw someone feeding it bits of roti and that little furball actually ate it so that made me happy.
  14. What do you like about where you live? I can be anyone that I want.
  15. What do you like about one or more of your friends? Okay, this requires a whole new post in itself, so reserving that for later .
  16. What is a challenge that has strengthened you? Again, moving. It has prepared me mentally for a proper adult life that I wouldn’t have gotten if I had stayed at home.
  17. What is a special memory from childhood? This is too hard. My memory sucks and you know it.
  18. What do you like about your course? I like the fact that I joined in the illusion that I was going to save the world but after coming here, even though it seems hopeless, you just fight for it because you cannot do anything else.
  19. What personal beliefs are you grateful for? I’m glad that I believed in the fact that I could make it this far. I believed that I would make good friends but little did I know that I would come to love them as much as I would.
  20. What freedoms are you grateful for? The freedom to be myself and to express personal things, should I wish for it. I like that. Not that I was tied up in Bengaluru, but it was different there. I also like that fact that I can go back to my room at any time I want and nobody questions me.

Well. This was not-quite-over-whelming-not-quite-under-whelming but this is what I can give in 20 minutes. Make that 24.

Happy New Year Guys!

Ugh, I have to say that a 100 times tomorrow. I wish I could sleep the entire day and not meet anyone.

Nausicaa: Of The Valley of the Wind

After more than a couple of years of me beginning to watch and fangirl over the films of Studio Ghibli, I finally, finally watched this masterpiece. It was such an unexpected film. I had no idea I’d like it this much because I never got past the first 15 minutes or so before. And then I realized this was exactly what happened with The Wind Rises and because I noticed the pattern, I decided to break it.

At the beginning of the film, there’s a music piece that is played. It’s there throughout the film but it is most prominent at the beginning. And whenever I’d heard it on the YouTube live radio I always drift off or melt or just feel like transporting to a magical land where I’m one of those nameless passers-by who just like to be a part of the overall story. Not in Nausicaa, of course. I’d probably die in the film halfway through. I love that song so so much.

And then there’s the story line. It is set after a millennium after the earth was overrun by the “Fire Giants”. We follow Nausicaa, the Princess and a wind rider of a small kingdom, into her adventurous life. She’s very sweet and kind, and she loves animals. Even though there are parts of the earth that are toxic to humans, she ventures into there and she just calms this huge scary “Ohm” insect. She knows tricks and techniques to calm the insects and any animal for that matter. She’s bold and beautiful and I just love her. She’s very strong and what I love about the film is that there is so love interest. Like, there’s a boy from another kingdom but it is never explicitly pursued. She just does her own thing (however dangerous) to save her people and the doom her kingdom is coming to because of invaders.

The leader of these invaders is also a woman. She’s beautiful and scary and just perfect. I love how she pursues her intent, no matter how dangerous for her, no matter how impractical, no matter how implausible. She makes sure people listens to her and makes sure she gets it done. She’s powerful and her subordinate was such a prick that I wanted to run her little knife in her books through his throat.

Like always, it had one of the most brilliant story lines, people who were once thought of rivals helping our protagonist, finding out shocking truths, and her essentially having a relatively non-sad ending. I actually was not very pleased with the ending, but I was still glad for it.

And I am glad that this film exists. This one, Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away (and more) are all films that show gender has nothing to do with being strong or brave or righteous or saving the world and the people you love. I loved it. I’m grateful for Studio Ghibli for just existing.

Weekend Coffee Share #21

This will be the second and last Weekend Coffee Share of 2018. What even.

I’m trying hard not to dwell on that bit.

What was I even doing all this time? Every weekend that I got? I was probably desperately trying to cram something in. I would’ve woken up at 11 or something, skipped breakfast, skipped bathing, go straight on to working on something or the other.

Or I would’ve been up all night watching videos of my favourite K-pop groups. You know, priorities.

Here’s a picture of the night sky and the trees and the moon that I’ve been obsessively taking pictures of.

I don’t even know where to begin. There’s so much to say because there’s so much I did and so much that has happened. But I think a good place to start will be that one Sunday where I spent the entire day all by myself. I was later joined by my friend Harshal in the evening but until then, from noon till dusk, it was just me and my thoughts.

Me and my well-loved sneakers in the train. Nobody was there when I took this picture.

For a lot of people, it might sound scary. ” ‘Me and my thoughts’- such a scary duo.” But not for me. It was such a wonderful day. I left my room at around 11 in the morning, after getting ready nicely (I even put on a dress!) and I had decided to go to the art museums. I had no clue whom they were showing at either of them (there are two big ones in Mumbai, NGMA and Jehangir Art Gallery) but I just went. I took a local train, all by myself and I was so proud, even if I didn’t have to change trains or anything. I didn’t freak out because of the crowd or the way people looked at me (and kept looking at me) nor did I stammer when I asked for the ticket. I put on my ear buds, held my head high and just walked towards my destination or sat in the train looking out the window. I wasn’t oblivious to the world around me and I did not miss my stop (it was the last one anyway).

It was a very bright and sunny afternoon and my plan for the entire day was to visit the two art museums. But then when I was having lunch I kept thinking, where was this famous bookstore that I’d been hearing about? I looked it up and it was 300 meters from where I was eating. I ate my lunch, which was a plate of Pani Puri and a pair of Vades and a cup of filter coffee (yes, I somehow managed to find a south Indian restaurant there and it was quite good), and then headed to the bookstore. The ever friendly Google Maps took me via routes that I would’ve missed had I taken a kaali-peeli directly to the bookstore. All the small roads were filled with designer shops and cafes and less glamorous stationery stores and street food stalls. Some places were a bit shady but it was fine once I got to the main road (even if I nearly died from the onslaught of the traffic, multiple times).

The bookstore was very pretty. It had painted glass windows(?) and while the variety of international books was a little disappointing and underwhelming, I loved the number of books they had of Indian authors. And they had an entire floor (it was like a balcony, but still) full of Penguin published classics of every single edition ever in print. It was very beautiful. They were well organized and it could’ve just sat there and stared at them all. I sort of did, actually.

I didn’t want to buy anything because I was on a budget, but come on. “Pari went to a bookstore and returned empty handed” is such a bad joke. I bought “The Nine-Chambered Hearts” by Janice Pariat. She’s an Indian author and I’d read her book “Seahorse” and fell in love with her writing so I had to buy this one. It also sounds like the kind of story I live to read.

Later that evening, I met Harshal at Crawford Market. Crawford Market in Mumbai is the one place where you can get absolutely anything. Anything. I initially went for some stationery and I didn’t even know if I was buying anything but I ended up buying so much that I had to borrow from Harshal to buy the last few items I had my eyes on. We had dinner at this place where the butter chicken was just amazing. I’ve had butter chicken in all sorts of places but this one was exceptional. And then we took a train back home. We ended up getting lost when we were getting out of the station near our campus. How pathetic. We walked through shady gulleys with and without people which meandered itself to another side of the station. Go figure. I got home at 12 that night.

I actually wanted to write a more coherent, better account of that day but I think I like this one better.

Here’s another picture of the Sun and the sky and trees that I took while we were hurrying to eat lunch outside because DH food was terrible and nobody wanted to eat there.

That was last month.

By now, my semester is in full swing and last week was just so hectic. And it will only get more hectic. I’ve been putting off my readings and I know one day I will have to read all of them but I haven’t been able to get myself to finish them all. I am trying though. I just need to try harder.

All of November and December, I’ve been in a sort of a rut. I found a post about the imposter syndrome and I think that’s what’s happening to me. I was, for the longest time, even at home, did not find joy in making art. I kept asking myself, why bother? Why are you even doing this? It was just making me more miserable. So I pressed pause on it. I still haven’t completely recovered from it because I still hesitate to pick up my paint brush but somehow managed to make presents for my secret Santa book swap and a friend’s birthday card. It didn’t make me happy, not exactly, but it felt nice painting something decent after a long time. I still draw and paint in my bullet journal but it feels different because this is for me. I didn’t even post many of the pictures even if they came out so well and I was so proud of them because the entire picture didn’t fit into the Instagram “proportions”. Whatever.

Oh. Now I see it.

So, this has been my life so far. New Year is a week away and thinking about the New Year makes me shudder. It’s the first time I’ll be celebrating New Year’s away from home and while I will not be partying like most people, I’d still like to be with people I actually enjoy being with. I hope it happens. I also have no goals or resolutions whatsoever again this year. I just hope to get through this semester with my head on my shoulders and brain intact inside my skull. That’s all I want from 2019.

How has your life been? What are you looking forward to most in the New Year? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Winters in Mumbai

Winter has come to Mumbai and I am left speechless at how different the city feels in winters. 

For one, I did not expect it to get cold here in Mumbai. It thought the temperature might go down a tiny fraction and will probably be unnoticeable. But nope. This city continues to surprise me by the day. 

Apparently, the temperature has never gone down this low in the city, ever. This is the first time the city has seen such chilly weather. At 27 degrees C, normally, the air nice and warm. It’s a very good day in Bengaluru when it’s 27 degrees, not too warm, not too cold, just a slight chill in the air that makes you rub your arms when you’re walking back home. It’s the perfect day for a light sweater and with chill music blasting in your ears, it’s a brilliant feeling. You can walk like you own the road and when you reach the warmth of your home, your cheeks are chilly but your breath is still warm.

But the same 27 degrees C in Mumbai is cold. My skin is cracking with lack of moisture around me (totally unexpected) and while that isn’t anything new, I find myself wearing all of my longer pants and I doubt I have unfolded even one of shorts that I used to wear before I left for home. I kept all my sweaters back home because I thought I would never need them and now I regret not getting them here. During the early hours of the morning, I’m wrapping and coiling myself tighter and tighter in my blanket and I sigh, wondering why I didn’t bring some warm socks. I didn’t even bring back more of my warm, cotton scarves and at times, I think, “Is this really Mumbai?”  

But at the same time, it’s beautiful in the campus. The trees have slowly begun to shed and I find myself looking at them for a long time. At nights, I see the moon playing hide-and-seek with me during the early hours of their rise. The trees have been a great support for the moon but I end up winning all the time. 

The School of Rock

The School of Rock is a 2003 film that I revisited today. I had to write about the awesomeness that is this film and urge everyone to watch it!

A few days ago, I was scrolling through my WhatsApp statuses when I saw our very own Naveen’s. It was of the four best films he’d seen that week and The School of Rock was one of them. I squealed in delight while texting him how much I loved the film. It had been a while since I had watched it and after speaking with Naveen about it, I thought the film was due for a rewatch. 

That was the first thing I did after breakfast today morning. I woke up (unusually) early (for a Sunday morning) and watched it. More than feeling like I was rewatching a film, it felt like I was revisiting old friends. The one takeaway from this film that I truly believe in and think it applicable across the universe is that once you’ve found your passion, letting go will eat you up from inside so instead of all that drama, just embrace that passion and live it to the fullest and work hard. Otherwise, life is just bleh. 

The thing about this film is that it gets you hooked. Dewey is, well, not that great as a character in the beginning. But his transformation throughout the film is underrated. He goes from mooching off of his best friend and being an opportunistic a-hole to actually being a decent human being and identifying his own faults and being able to recognize true talent. He decides it’s not just his band but everyone’s and makes sure everyone is heard on the band. He loves those kids. He treats them as his equals in the end and it’s heartwarming to see him like this when he did not even have a shred of respect for his own band mates (considering how they treated him in the first place). His idea of rock music is unconventionally inspiring. 

Watching this film as an adult, so many of the jokes that went unnoticed as a child suddenly appears and you wonder what we thought of them as kids. It was funnier than I ever thought it was while slowly attacking the low-self esteem that some kids had. A perfect blend. 

The entire film is nostalgia-inducing, hilarious, inspirational and just plain fun. Every single time I watch this film, I feel like studying up rock music. I feel like picking up an electric guitar and feel the passion behind the music. I feel like attending rock concerts to understand just how powerful music can be. I feel like I should’ve started to think like this much earlier. 

Instant Coffee

It’s been a little more than a week since my semester started and even though I’ve barely had classes, I’ve already exhausted 10% of the coffee powder I had with me. 

And no, I haven’t gotten myself a filter or an electric coffee maker like I’ve always wanted. I don’t have space in my room, nor can I even afford it. So, I turned towards instant coffee. 

Now, never in a million years I imagined myself to actually drink instant coffee. I’ve always prided myself over being a “filter coffee person, through and through” that the thought of instant coffee was always, to be really honest, revolting. I mean, you mix coffee powder in milk and drink it? How in the world did that happen? Do you not have to let it seep in and let the flavour be absorbed? It’s not going to be frothy when you stir it so it even worth drinking with no froth? And on top of that, I could not stomach the thought of drinking black coffee with it.

But last semester proved how much I needed coffee. I needed to be up and I needed motivation and I needed to be free of that blasted headache that only coffee can get rid of. When I asked Pappa, he suggested that I could try this one particular brand of coffee that’s better than the others. So, before leaving on my long Diwali vacation that ended in Mumbai (more on that later, promise), he got me two different flavours of coffee in glass bottles, one classic and one gold. I took them both and looked at them with equal parts fascination and horror. I was going to try instant coffee. Me. Someone who had always scoffed at the idea. Someone whose heart and soul belonged to filter coffee so much that it was okay to undergo withdrawal for a week after I left home and settle for mediocre filter coffee once in a week or two. 

And I’ve had it twice already. I drink it my regular mug and the milk is almost to the brim. I add the coffee powder directly from the bottle, enough to get the colour that I want, so I have no idea how much I actually put in one mug of milk. Pappa had initially told me to add one spoon but that’s laughable. One spoon is just a very pale brown that I get in the Dining Hall. What’s the use of me having my own coffee powder if I make it so weak? So I add it enough so that it’s at least the colour of my face. 

I would very much like it if it was the colour of my hands but then each mug will take half the bottle of powder and soon I’ll be left with none and I’ll have to pay for the coffee myself and then I’ll not be able to afford my weekly filter coffee and then I’ll never be satisfied. So, this coffee is what I have to make do with. For now.  

Restaurant hopping in Chembur

Chembur in Mumbai is not really well known. It’s just a normal suburb with colleges and schools and markets and a railway station and banks and a couple of small malls with basic multiplexes and a lot of basic needs shopping opportunities and lots of small places to eat and not much else. It has always been my goal in life to discover places to eat around wherever I live because what better way to explore a city through it’s food, good or bad?

If I had lived in a shared flat, I suppose I would’ve began this project way sooner but because I live on campus in the hostel, there are many days I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to get some food from the dining hall right next door. Sometimes I wonder if I would really cook if I was living in a flat. Someday, I hope I get to answer that question.

My friends and I finally got the chance to explore a lot of places and cover so much more ground in the two weeks for field work that we had than in the four months of classes that we had. There were funds allocated for each of us, and since we travelled to the site by train mostly (even when we did go by cabs, the price was pretty much the same) we decided to indulge the rest of it on lunches. We did not go to really fancy places, we went to normal family restaurants and ate chicken almost every single time. We’ve loved all the places and we visited a few of them more than once.

I plan to write a series of posts twice every week, each post focusing on a restaurant that my friends and I have been to. It’s not going to be review style. I don’t even know what I’ll be focusing on. I just want to write about them because I cannot resist talking about good food and good company for lunch. I don’t even know if it’ll have pictures because knowing me, I was just too busy eating than taking pictures. Not that that’s a bad thing, but pictures liven up the posts a bit.

I feel so out of it. I had grand plans when I came home and I couldn’t wait to get started on this project but I’m leaving next week, and in the two weeks I’ve been here, I cannot remember what I did besides eat and sleep and stan my favourite K-pop groups and keep myself updated with the only K-drama that I’m following at the moment and work on my brand new bullet journal. I’ve met my friends twice and I haven’t gone out much at all. I don’t know if I like it or not, but I’m glad I chilled. I will get my ass back to work from tonight, starting with this post.



The desk that I bought

I just bought myself my first piece of furniture. It wasn’t for my solo-life like I’d always imagined but for my first time living outside of home. I bought a desk.

I have a table in my room. It’s a small table with a drawer just like I’d requested for in the beginning but it is at the foot of my bed and using it to write/type means I have no back support. That table is just an accessory now where I keep handy stuff and cram the drawer with all my daily things.

At first, I considered buying a desk online. I was using my pillow up until now, and would’ve used it for a longer time if it weren’t for my friend Arohi’s desk/breakfast table. It was just so comfortable. My semi-padmasana-ed legs fit perfectly under the desk and within its legs and it was the right enough height for my right arm to not feel sore even after a long time of typing. This was on Independence Day.

After that, things got busy. I went home for a week and it made no sense for me to buy a desk in Bengaluru and carry it all the way back to Bombay when I can buy the same thing here. So, I figured I’ll just buy one here. And the time finally came for me to buy one.

I had just one class that day (through most of which I was rereading Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian on the desk, showing my emotions on my face, daringly) after which, I thought of going and buying the desk. I somehow couldn’t. I was sitting with a few people and sharing my home food with them so I didn’t go then. I came back to my room and aimlessly played on my laptop for a while before deciding to go out after lunch. I took some money, packed my small sling bag and headed out to catch an auto to Chembur railway station.

I’d seen a lot of different types of markets around the Chembur station but furniture stores had never caught my eye. There had to be some around, especially in an area like that. So, as I was getting off the auto, I asked the dada where I could buy a small desk. He told me the name of the store (Mahavir) and gave me directions in half-Hindi half-Marathi so I could understand only half of it. But I got the gist. I headed in that direction, stopping by at a medical store for some almond oil and cotton for my dry and flaky skin.

After walking for a bit and looking around, I did not see any sort of furniture store around so I asked another auto dada for directions for Mahavir. He clearly told me the directions and once he mentioned Shell Colony Road, my ears perked up. Shell Colony road has a good memory that I got to revisit only a long while after.

Shell Colony Road in Chembur houses two famous Kerala-style restaurants: Hotel Sunny and Maxim’s. These two are known for their authentic, typical, affordable and extremely tasty Kerala-style food, for which I can wholeheartedly vouch, at least for Maxim’s (and as of now, Sunny’s with even more experience (More on that definitely later. I will not fly crows). That night was an adventure.

It was Friday the 13th, July, and I, Chai, Mishel and one of her flatmates went to Maxim’s because DH food was boring us. Our seniors had told us how good the food was in Maxim’s and it was an opportunity not to be missed. We hailed two autos and headed to Shell Colony road. It was a little exciting for me because we were going past my usual area where I just aimlessly roam around and stopping at a decent South Indian restaurant for my weekly dose of filter coffee.

Chai and I shared an auto, and we spotted Maxim’s right at its door. It’s a tiny place. One might drive by it or walk past it without a second glance. The ground floor seemed occupied by the few people it could hold, so we climbed on the stairs to the first floor.

Those were not stairs. They were wooden death traps designed to give people like me a heart attack. They were just slabs of wood against an inclined wall, railing on one side, not enough foot space and it was like climbing a ladder. I almost wished we could leave. But I’m glad we didn’t.

The kaka (Marathi for really older men, like calling them Uncle) came to take our order and my mouth watered at the sound of all the food (there was no menu system) and after much dilemma, and the kaka leaving us and giving us time to deliberate, we finally ordering a bunch of  parathas and some chicken gravy and a fried whole-fish for me and what not.  That food filled me. It was some of the best Kerala-style food I’ve ever had (not that I’ve had a lot) but all the Kerala people who’ve ever gone to Maxim’s swear that it has authentic food, including my friend Mishel. So, I swear by it.

After eating, I wanted to drink filter coffee, so we decided to walk to the place where I usually have it. It was less than half a kilometer away but it took us such a long time to get there because it was pouring like the sky had holes (an old Kannada saying). Even with huge umbrellas, we were drenched in places we most definitely shouldn’t have been. The rain didn’t fall straight or even slightly obliquely, like it ought to, no. This weird rain fell almost horizontally, almost parallel to the ground and Chai, being the experienced one, held the umbrella in such a way that the rain did not drench our backs or fronts, just the bottom half of our legs (which was no surprise). Walking in that kind of rain was as deadly as it was fun. Mishel and her friend had no such luck, unfortunately. By the time we reached the place for coffee, they were half drenched, bag, hair, clothes and all. Filter coffee that night had never tasted warmer or more needed in my life.

My head went on a little trip down the memory lane but eventually, I found the furniture shop a little after the first bridge/flyover. I went in and the second desk I saw was the one I bought. I walked out of the shop, my pouch of money slightly less heavier and my heart more full of triumph and pride.

Semester 1: Done and dusted

My first semester was done 4 days ago and since then I’ve been contemplating writing a small overview of how my entire semester was because why not? I took an unintended month-long hiatus and now I’m itching to come back, my head bursting with things to write but lacking the heavy motivation I require to finish a single post. So this might just be the post that will bring me back, and with iKON and BTS playing in my ears, how could I not?

I did not expect to do well in my first semester because, well, it’s the first semester, right? I’m in a new city, studying things that I’ve never studied before with people I’ve never met before, living so far away from my family and friends and with people I just met and constantly sweating and trying to figure out a regime and routine and adjusting to the food and managing finances and all that comes in between being a dependent adult. I’m proud of the fact that I managed to survive and actually enjoy living away from home.

I did unexpected things. I liked unexpected people and realized unexpected things. I embraced my alone time and found a balance between my alone time and non-alone time because too much of either one is sure to push me down a spiral that I know I will not be able to get back up. My mood swings were worse than ever and there were times that I worked out and actually saw the difference in how my body responded to the internal stimuli. But then things suddenly got so hectic that I woke up early and slept late just so I could send in my assignments on time and be able to study well enough, at least to pass.

June and July were pretty chill. It was my first time ever at a pub for my fresher’s party which I actually enjoyed. And then a house party that I enjoyed even more. I exercised a bit and was in shape, but only briefly. And then I read some and painted a lot and my bullet journal looked really pretty!

Then came August and September. From the second half of August, after I came back from visiting home, things were hectic. There were assignments that were handed out and things to do and suddenly, I had lesser time than usual. I barely read and painted but somehow, I managed to pretty up my bullet journal because if I didn’t at least do that, I’d don’t think i would’ve managed to survive the chaos that was the end of September. I had a few breakdowns in September, but I mostly think that was because of my raging hormones that I had no time to control. But I did have them.

Then there was October. We had field work the first two weeks of the month and I thought I’ll have time to do stuff but absolutely not. If the field work itself did not drain us, the trains made sure they did. It was the first time that I frequented the locals so often. I though I’d gotten sort of got used to the crowd, but I don’t think you ever do. If one does get used to it, it means they have traveled so much that they know this is the inevitable. I was under the impression that I would eventually get used to it but I had severely underestimated how bad the crowd was and could get. It has scarred me.

But on the bright side, October was brilliant for a lot of other things. Restaurant hopping was my favourite part and I’m contemplating a new feature where I talk about all the restaurants that I’ve been to. It’s still under thought and the work hasn’t started yet, but I really want to do it. It’s just something that I can really connect to .

Now that I’ve had a huge bite of how a semester at TISS is, I know it’s best not to expect anything. Just going with the flow is the best bit and to do that one has to be in their top form. I’ve promised to myself that I will play badminton (which has become my preferred way of exercise) every morning and get in some more reading time. Diet is not a concern because I eat from the dining hall and food there usually healthy. I have to watch out on my vegetarian eating days more strictly from now on because I don’t think I’ve observed any of them all through October. Not that I’m complaining, though. I also plan to be more productive and reduce my procrastination, but that’s always on my agenda. I end up never achieving it but this time I don’t want to do that. I want to move my lazy bum faster and do work on time. Blogging will also take some more preference because I feel so empty not blogging for nearly a month.

This has been my first semester back in college and I’m waiting for the second so that I can study a lot more things that I know that I will enjoy. I had also intended this post to be different but it took on a completely different tangent. Oh, well.