I will probably be the first girl to EVER hate pink. But if you looked at me, or my home, or my wardrobe, you wouldn’t think so.

It’s not like I hate hate it, I just don’t like it. The funny thing is that, the more I try to avoid it, the more it seems to come  to me. It’s really strange. One time, when my family and I were supposed to go out, all of us wore different shades of pink! Grrr!

The first “Pink Mania” started when I was 6th grade, when my sister bought me my first pouch from one of the first malls in Bangalore, the Forum. It was pink (obviously) but more than that, it had two compartments and it had pictures of Dexter and his sister DeeDee, who always wore this pink dress (of course, she was a girl, typical). I still have the pouch, though DeeDee and Dexter have faded away, on the pouch and in my memories.

The next one was my bag. My mum’s cousin from London came to visit us and bought us a bag– Yup! A pink one. It doesn’t go with anything!! But I still use it. 😀

And, finally, my clothes. When I was growing up, pink started attracting my parents. Every time they showed me something pink, I would go “NO”. But, then i found out, pink (unfortunately), suited my skin best. Even more than blue did (blue was my favourite colour).

Thus continues my saga of hating but using pink.


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