Are we that inhospitable?

There are reasons for this one particular post. Reasons I want to express, so badly that I want those people to see it, but then again, I can’t . But, I will, at least, very subtly.
My mum is the most hospitable woman I’ve ever known. She works her ass off to please people. Be it anyone. Be it her relatives, friends, anyone. And what does she get in return? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
This was okay when we were kids and it hadn’t crossed my mind then. But seeing how she treats people and how they treat her back,my dad, sister and I spoke to her about it. The truth of life. She believes everyone, and thinks everyone is worth her time. Especially her relatives. They literally treat her like dirt.
True, they had issues. I don’t see her treating anyone with disrespect. But it really hurts when one family is treated differently from another. Why? Why the difference? If they didn’t like us, better tell us than going there and getting humiliated. This time was the worst. The worst of all. Vacation was just working.


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