I’m sorry! That is NOT my career!!

When my sister finished her 2nd PU, whenever we went to any social gathering, people asked her only one question: What is she going to do next? Of course, she had no clear idea about it, but that didn’t stop them from asking.

This scenario changed when I finished my 2nd PU. People hardly reacted when I proudly told them that I’d done well! They barely bothered to ask what I was doing. Only very few, very educated class people (which were mostly my father’s friends) asked me about it and were very happy with my replies. What was it anyway?

This was one of the very few things that I was proud of: planning my future. I always told people that I wanted to study Environmental Science as a proper subject, and had applied to IISc (Obviously, I didn’t  get in, or else I wouldn’t have time to blog). The “Educated Class”, no, strike that, the “Knowledgeable Class” were proud of me: My parents, my sister, my father’s  friends. And a few of my college teachers.

As I was a goody-good nerdy girl all through my life, I think people just ASSUMED that I was going to follow the herd. Not study medicine, of course, I could never do that, but do something more… obvious. 

I wanted to change the fact that I was NOT a nerd. Or someone who sits only with her text books. Why couldn’t people see me beyond that?

They were all shocked, and when I say shocked, don’t take it lightly. They were utterly at a loss for words when I told them that I wasn’t going to write the Common Entrance Test (or more commonly, CET ). They would look at me as if I went insane or something. Then they would look at my parents, and then my father would patiently explain why. Then I would go around sulking for the rest of the evening and hating them for life.

Today, I am not clear about my future. I haven’t sorted out what do to after my Bachelor’s degree, where I could work, whom I’m going to marry or how many kids I want. Right now, I just know one thing: I am loving what I’m studying. People may think that my studying BSc. (or anyone, for that matter) is a waste of time or probably worthless because it is easy, but let me tell you this: you cannot know joy without pain and this is both.


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