The Joy of Pre-ordering a Book

The Percy Jackson fandom was informed that the last book in the series was going to be released on 8th October in the US. Anybody living elsewhere quieted down, looking wide eyed, low spirited and dumbfounded. The series that made our whole lives was releasing its last book and here we were, sitting in our homes in front of our computers and not knowing when it’ll release. It was quite depressing, actually.

The whole Fandom was in tears when the cover was released. Only the US cover. Not even the UK cover (which, by the way, is so much better. Just saying.).

They say that curiosity killed the cat, or in my case, killed the fangirl. I was going through Flipkart and I typed the name of the book, and it took the wind out of my sails! The book was up for preorder!

Liked an excited puppy, I started screaming and jumping around. Thank the Gods, no one was around, or else they would definitely know that I’m crazy. I went out of my room, to my mother, wiping the happy tears at the corners of my eyes. She’d promised to buy me a book every month and that news was the best I had for over a year, which beat my choice of joining St. Joseph’s. When I asked her if I could preorder the book, she looked a little surprised. I thought that I had gone too far, and my excitement for a book that hasn’t even been released yet might have made her think twice before considering me as her daughter. But she asked me how much it costs and when it was going to come. I ran back to my room and preordered the book!

I immediately sent a text to my fellow fangirl who ordered it the same day as I did. I’m really lucky to have met her, and to share the same craziness about books with another person is a boon. Who knew reading would cause so much fun and excitement? The thing that’s so much fun is the fact that you can actually share your joy and happiness with so many people out there.


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