Old, rain-damaged, beige building.

A tiny, outdoors, woody amphitheater.

Cobwebs all around.

Wonderful smell of old seats.

Dark and musty and cozy cinema hall.

Tiny stage near the screen.

Suchitra is an old cinema theater. Not one for commercial movies. But one for appreciative cinema.

The tiny outdoor amphitheatre was a perfect place for reading, with all the rocks around to sit on, the trees hanging low to provide you shade. Too bad I had a horror title with me.

I’d been there for two whole weekends, for an arts appreciation course by Ranga Shankara. We did some amazing stuff. We looked at dance, photography (Which I particularly liked) and not to mention cinema and painting. That was when I got into liking the LGBT community.

I sat through the whole thing very quietly, not uttering a single word as there was nothing I knew! The people there were so much more learned in the whole thing that I was a total novice. I also fell in love with art. More, actually.

The place just smells so amazing that I can’t get it out of my head.

I also got a book at the end of the four sessions, as an appreciation for attending! (I was picked totally randomly!)


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