There are people who read for the sake of reading, people who read to look intellectual, people actually interested in books, books-are-amazing readers, avid readers, books-are-my-life-readers, and then the Bibliophiles.

I like to classify the Bibliophiles into two categories:

  1. The ones who like to read because they would like to be highly knowledgeable
  2. And then there are ones who, well, are called Fangirls & Fanboys.

I’m rather interested in the category No. 2. Mostly because I’m one.

But starting with category No.1, these kind of people love quiet. They need to concentrate on what they’re reading, and even though are not easily distracted, they can be easily disturbed. They’ll get angry if you do disturb them, but then doesn’t quickly recover. They love collecting old and antique books and growing their collection. They love the smell of old books.

Category No.2. Fangirls and Fanboys.

There’s no common term for them, but they react just the same under similar circumstances. They cry, they shout at the characters as if they are their best friends, they laugh and then sometimes, also throws away the book or hits it against the wall in frustration.

They write fan fictions just so they can be near their favourite characters again.

When a series ends, it seems like a part of their life ends as well.

When they finish a book, they are sometimes unable to get rid of the ghosts of the book, and hence delay starting a new one. It is scientifically termed as bookhangover.

They get high by smelling old books.

They are not ashamed to tell the world how much they love to read.

They make friends from all over the world because the friends nearby don’t have a clue as to what is going inside them when they’re reading. Or after reading, for that matter.

They get excited for a book that’s about to be released.

Books are a necessity. No argument against has ever won.

“This generation also reads.”

Dedicated to all readers!! Happy reading!!


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