A- for ART

I was not running out of things to write. Honestly. I just thought this would be a good idea to keep in touch with writing and blogging everyday.

So. A. The first thing that comes to my mind is ART. And also the lead the character of Everyday by David Levithan (Spoiler!).

Art and I go way back. Like we’re best friends who aren’t in touch with each other. Who don’t know each other very well, but are so damn interested to know one another. It’s crazy, I tell you.

I was in my pre-KGs when I started drawing. I won a few prizes, too, and I was always encouraged to take up art. If I had probably given more thought to it, or maybe if this thing called “academics” didn’t take much importance in my life, I would mostly be posting something wonderful that I’d created. I should practice more, I guess.

I am weird. I get strangely drawn towards artists, irrespective of the sex, and I find them mysterious. With the usual exception of a few cases. But otherwise, they’re almost always strange and weird and moody and mysterious. They also have an unusual taste in stuff.

I have a friend in college, from another class, and she is an amazing sketcher. She zones out and freaks out a lot. About academic stuff. But, when she wants to draw something, she texts me in the middle of the night, like at 3:30 AM and tells me she’s finished her sketch. She’s that mad.

It’s weird what kind of art I like. It’s not just the kind of art on paper, but also all other kinds of fine arts. Which is why I went to the Ranga Shankara’s Art Appreciation course, so that I could possibly increase my knowledge on art. And, boy, it did.

I like all forms of art: pen or pencil sketching, a painting, a mural, a doodle, a sculpture, a costume, a comic, anything. As long I see life in it, I know I’ll love it.

I met a lot of people during the few competitions that I’ve attended. And, one of them is like art. (You’ll know it when you read it.)

Is Literature considered as an art, too?

During the two weekend workshop by Ranga Shankara, one of the sessions was on this satirical artist by name Bhopane Khakkar. He was a homosexual, and lived with an older guy, and didn’t care what the society spoke about him because he always lashed at them by his art. And an elderly lady, who was a writer, said that writers should look at art for inspiration. And the curator, he said that artists look at literature for inspiration.

This works both ways for me. If only I had recognised my love for art, even though it’s only in the very beginning stage, I would probably not be doing science. Maybe, art history.

In times like these, I often feel that Science was probably not a good choice for me. I am not very good at it, I’ll admit. But, then again, how successful would I be if I was in the arts field? Who knows?


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