O for Online Shopping

Online shopping. Something which makes you seem cool when you say it.

Okay, yeah. I agree that it’s far more convenient, sometimes cheaper, and you can sometimes control yourselves and can stick to your budget! You didn’t find something that you were looking for? Email the online store! You can’t do that in a normal store!

Actually, you can. It’s called TALKING TO THE STORE MANAGER.

As a people’s person, I say different. Even with all the advantages, I feel that human interactions are lost.

Actual shopping is so much more fun. As a child, I always loathed shopping, but now, I love shopping with my sister! It’s a great time to catch up on everything that’s happened to us, share funny stores, gossip and enjoy! Where’s that fun in online shopping?!

And to top it off, online grocery shopping.

The best part of my childhood was going to FoodWorld for our monthly grocery shopping and and pick whatever I wanted off the shelves! Kids these days have NO idea how much fun that is. I pity them.

What are your thoughts?

Sorry about the rant, I just felt it necessary.


2 thoughts on “O for Online Shopping

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