What it means to be a Bangalorean

I remember reading this in a newspaper and decided to write my own take on this.

Who is a Bangalorean?

Is it someone who’s lived here for a considerable amount of time? Someone who can speak the language fluently? Someone who can travel all over Bangalore without getting lost? Someone who engages oneself in the city and its events? Someone who can tour guide a bunch of people from outer space? Someone who cares what’s happening to the city? Or who?

I consider myself as a Bangalorean because I love the city. As simple as that.

I’ve lived in Bangalore for as long as I can remember. I love the city. I love the people. I love the weather. I love the events, even though I don’t go to many. I love the food. I love everything about it. And I’ve come to accept the negative parts of it too: the traffic, the crimes, the government, the education system, the corruption, you name it.

For me, that’s what it means to be a true Bangalorean. Loving the city. The whole package. Not just some parts, like say you may love the partying rules but hate the language. No. Although it does matter (to me, at least) to learn the language, since you’re living here and all that, the least you can do is respect it, if not, love it. And there is no way you can go wrong with food in Bangalore.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “What it means to be a Bangalorean

  1. Yes Pari. Couldn’t agree more with you. I have been in Bangalore or rather Bengaluru for forty eight years. I haven’t been out of the city for more than a month all my life. My love for good old B’lore and its denizens has never abated. True at times I get exasperated by the traffic or the petty thefts which are on the rise due to the unabated exodus. But i quickly get over them and my love for the city blossoms once again.


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