F for Foodies

This is for my Saapadians! Also, for DJ, as it’s his birthday today! Happy birthday!

When I joined college, I had never expected to join forces with such awesome people!

It happened sometime during the beginning of our second semester. We are actually a group of people who are hard working and committed to our class. We were the brains behind the Pet Show and the CUPA donation Drive. We strive to show that we exist.

The funny thing is, it started as a lunch group! We all sit together, and eat from everyone’s lunch boxes, and DJ’s canteen food. Even though DJ was warned not to get his canteen plate away from the canteen, we persuaded him to do so. Of course we can’t get away from our Banyan Tree!

We all love food. It was from these people that I’ve started developing a passion for food!

I love you all. Keep eating. Keep laughing. Let’s be together, forever!


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