The Wonderful World Of Bookstagram

Just like the part of YouTube dedicated to books is called BookTube, a part of Instagram dedicated to books is called Bookstagram. And Bookstagram, like BookTube, is dedicated to YA literature.

I was not on Instagram until recently, and it has changed my world in many, many ways. It is one of the best places to meet people who have the same passion as you do (Books and reading, obviously) and meet people close to you, get book recommendations, review books, share your thoughts on books, and basically everything book related. And I’ve found some amazing people on it and also my first Pen Pal!

There are giveaways by some amazing people, and even though I haven’t won yet, it’s simply amazing to be a part of it! The other wonderful thing about Bookstagram is that people will listen. They will encourage you, not matter what. I simply adore it.

The only downside of it is that sometimes my jealousy gets out of hand. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t be jealous of seeing tens of posts of stacks of books everyday?! But, well, I was not fortunate enough to buy all the books I need, and fast.

And I was not fortunate enough to live in the USA, for the sake of YA literature.

You Bookstagrammers. You rock. You are amazing! Keep reading! Keep recommending! Keep Loving!


8 thoughts on “The Wonderful World Of Bookstagram

  1. Interesting, although I don’t understand why something with the word “Book” in its moniker is dedicated to YA. Not that I don’t like YA, it’s just that literature is composed of more than just YA. What are your thoughts on that?


      1. You’re probably right. It just bothers me a bit – if an erotica reader came up with these names, I feel like people would have a major problem with it, for example. To use an all-encompassing word like “books” to refer to a subgenre feels a bit like saying the books you like are the only ones that matter. But then, I have an artistic temperament, so I may just be being oversensitive.

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