Left handed? Right handed?

Are you a lefty? Or a righty?

Chances are really low that you won’t be any of those by default, unlike me.

This post is about how in our culture, Right side is sacred and left is inauspicious.

My mum lost her phone two days ago, and she thoguht “I might’ve dropped it with my left hand.” Like dropping it in the middle of the road with your right hand will get your phone back!

All this is embedded deeple in the Hindu system. It’s in me, too. I always get up on right side in the morning. I always step into the temple with my right foot first. I always take anything from the temple with both my hands. It’s in my blood.

What I hate is that, when people talk such things, nobody, I mean NOBODY ever realises how much it will effect people like me. I feel like I’m inauspicious anywhere I go. I avoid going to religious functions because people gape at me and my left handedness. I feel like I’m a demon in the midst of all the holy people.

Why? Is it because people want to suppress creativity and only develop skill? And get seats in Medical and Engineering colleges? Whateve happend to letting your mind free? Exposing yourself to various options?

The way I see it, children should be taught to be ambidextrous. It should be made compulsory.

And, just because I’m a lefty, it doesn’t mean that I’m creative. I’ve been clearly told that.


4 thoughts on “Left handed? Right handed?

  1. So true Pari. Being a southpaw myself I couldn’t agree more with you. Yes the world looks at left handers with a sense of negativity. I have been a victim of snide remarks even after entering my professional life. Everything is so “right” oriented. The electrical wiring, the door handles, the simple electric iron box. We southpaws have to make do. I guess we have adapted ourself pretty well but the odd hurtful remark tends to take a toll on my stoic sense.
    I have had a few enquiries from concerned mothers. Both of them have left handed daughters. One of them wanted to know which hand I use in the kitchen when I stir the sambhar on the fire. Perhaps she was wondering what her daughter would do and her MIL’s response to left handed stirring.


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