Fourth Wall – Living in a movie

You get to live inside your favourite movie. Tell us which one it is and what happens to you while you’re there.

I am not a movie critic. Any movie with a little bit of romance, or cuteness, or humour, I know I’ll love it.

My new favourite movie is My Neighbour Totoro.


Spending a day there would be heaven. Automagically being transported to Japan, to the small village were Satsuki and Mei live would be the first thing that will happen.

Then I’ll go look for them, who’ll obviously be playing with Totoro and his friends. I’ll go play with them.

I’ll roll on the grass with them. Plant a tree and dance all night for it to grow. Climb that humongous tree we grew. Watch the night go by. Wake up in bed. Find the tree still there.

Being in that movie will instil a sense of adventure in me. I will also probably be more carefree and happier than ever.

I would also request Totoro to take me on a ride on his many-legged cat-bus. Because, you know, cat-bus.


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