Colors Of Delight by Nandita Das

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for a review.

I’m a little new to poetry and that’s the reason I asked to review the book for her. I’m happy that I asked and also glad that she agreed.

Colors Of Delight is a collection of poetry of all forms, some that I knew, some that were completely new.

The wonderful, vivid spectrum of light

Colors our world with visions of delight

I loved the Colors Of Delight SONNET itself. After I finished reading, I could still see the images that she has painted with her when I close my eyes. It still hums in my head. And I realized how to see poetry now.

When people used to say that poetry is life, is a way of life, I used to laugh and brush it off. But now I totally agree with them.

My poems have no clarity

Nor can you find dexterity

To get it right

I know I might

Have to wait and eternity

This was actually true for some of her poems. Poems like Spring Sonnet seemed like it took a lot of effort to rhyme, but sadly, it was a little bland for my taste. Some of the poems were amazing, like Fading Love, but it ended abruptly. However, it was outweighed by the number of poems that touched my heart and became one with it. I’ll list out a few below:

In Today I Accomplished a Great Deal, the second stanza was my absolute favourite. I thought Smile seemed effortless, but it had a great impact.

Fleeting Time gave me my new favourite line:

Time tells  stories untold.

Parody of Daffodils Poem was marvellous. It took me a while to understand the meaning of it, but it was absolutely true.

I loved a couple of lines from I have a Dream: 

Trees swayed with arms raised

Nature too had joined in praise.

Treasure of the Mind, Germanwings Crash and Goa had some of the most poignant stories someone has ever told me. I cried for them. They were beautiful and my tears were worth them.

Coming to the forms, my favourite were the Limerick, Acrostics and Haikus. I thought no one wrote sad or poignant Limericks since I thought they were supposed to funny. Ben’s stories were, but some of the others made me wrench my heart out.

Poetry draws silent tears, makes us cry

I want to add that this one also made me happy that I read it.


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