Fast forward

Write a letter to yourself in 20 years.

Dear 38-year-old Me,

Are you alive?

Good. Or else I was going to find you and haunt you.

If you could answer my questions now, I very well know that you wouldn’t. You would stand back, fold your arms, shake your head and laugh at my questions.

Or maybe you would. Only I wouldn’t want to hear them.

But who’s to stop me from asking them, anyway?

Have you become crazy? Fun? Anything that I’m not?

Have you adopted children like I want to?

Have you bought the books that I’ve always wanted to buy?

Are you diseased?

Do you have a career in writing? Or the environment?

Are you still blogging? Reviewing? Writing? Instagramming?

Have you travelled all the places that I’ve always wanted to?

Have you fallen in love?

Have you broken your heart?

Are you in love?

Are you happy?


Your 18-year-old self


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