Bedtime Stories

What was your favourite book as a child? Has it influenced what you are now?

As a child, I grew up reading a lot of encyclopaedia kind of books. I was fascinated then, also now, by how animals ran, how to obtain purple and green by mixing what colours, why a myth or a legend came into existence. All such good and interesting stuff.

The set that I had and which was bought by my father way back in 1994 was the Chilcraft. It had 16 books, plus a humongous  Dictionary, a picture Atlas and a book about the Story of India. Each book was a different concept, like 1 is Stories and Poems, 2 is Plant Kingdom, 10 is Mathemagic and it covered the whole universe, probably. (Refer pic) Each book has information that is in a language easy for a child, but the knowledge in it can only be appreciated by adults.

Among them, my personal favourites are 11, People and Places and 12, World of Colour.

People and Places and Picture Atlas go hand-in-hand with the information. I learned more about geography, places, people, culture of the world more than any school text book could teach me. This was the single most book which made me fall in love with the culture, and which instigated a wanderlust in me.

World of Colour is a treat to the eyes. My favourite part of it were the stories about the colours, and the legends. It has the story of Blue, Red and Yellow. It has amazing facts from history about the use of each colour. It has a lot of sciencs mixed with it, and it is because of this book that I learned to love and appreciate the vividness and brightness and that I’m thankful that I can see.

Both these books were probably one of the main reasons why I love to read and write.


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