Moved to Tears

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

There’s a project called ‘Humans Of New York‘. They have a website and a Facebook page.

This page captures the essence of life in common people, rich and poor, those with families and those homeless, scared and fearless, hard-working and lazy.

Every single post is filled with pain and suffering and hope and happiness. I’m not easily inspired but this page is absolutely marvellous. It motivates me to do things in life and take risks and be brave.

Since a couple of weeks, or maybe months, they toured Pakistan and Iran and posts from there has only enriched their page and their followers and their followers’ emotions has been one huge emotional roller-coaster.

I can’t pick one particular post. I just can’t. The whole page is so humane and filled with love and strength that it restores one’s faith  in humanity, and moves you to tears.

The comments down on each post is equally filled with love and support. There are so many people in the world out there who have undergone so many hardships and have survived. You guys are amazing.

There are many pages like tat, for lots of cities and one for Bengaluru, too, called ‘Humans Of Bangalore‘. I wish for it to more active.

I also wish to be a part of it.


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