First Crush

Who was your childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her today?

My first crush was when I was in the first standard. I will menTion his name.

This kid was onE of the toppers in the class, along with me. He was tiny, had slits for eyes behind his thick framed glasses and had the most beautiful handwriting that any 5-year-old had ever seen. While everybody was mesmerized by his beautiful cursive handwriting in his four- blue and red lined notebook, I was more interested in his face while he wrote it. Also the way he spoke. Also the way he and I fought for silly reasons.

The first thing that I liked about him was that he and I were of the same height. And, of course, his handwriting.

He was extremely slow in writing and I always beat him when we raced. It didn’t matter to me the fact that my book ended up looking like my pencil had puked and his always looked like his pencil had drawn it.

We, being some of the shortest and the most talkative kids in class, we sat in the first bench for three years: the first, second and third standard. He always sat 5 miles away from me.

Once, I was so into him that I’d even written a love letter to him. Only he never got it. I was caught by my sister in the middle of me reading that letter out loud in front of a mirror, while the scenario in my head was of our wedding.

He changed schools after the third standard.

The last I heard about him was in the tenth standard. One of my friends and him went to the same tutorials together. And it seems that he isn’t much taller than me. I’m happy!

If I saw him today, my feelings wouldn’t resurface. The first thing I would ask him is to show me his handwriting, and see if it is the same handwriting that I fell in love with 13 years ago. Then, maybe, we’d go out for ice cream. Relive old memories. Laugh and go back home.


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