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Break the Silence

When was the last time you really wanted to (or needed to) say something, but kept quiet? Write a post about what you should’ve said.”

Whenever my sister and I fight —which is quite an occasion— it is not a fist fight or a shout-a-thon. It is usually a bottle opener competition. We both have so much emotions bottled up inside about each other that we open it one fine day. It is not a good day for me.

In the end, it is usually I who keeps silent. It becomes a memory based examination, who did what, who said what, when, why. I can’t remember all that. I’ve done enough of that during exams. My life is so much more than that.

But for once, when I said something, if only she could not looks at me accusingly and make me think that whatever I was going to say was wrong, I think I would never bottle up emotions in me.



Books and mail make my day :) I'm slowly discovering art. But crafts help me lift my mood. Writing is important. Family is the best.

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