Here’s what I know about cats:

  1. They always land on their feet, like Jace Herondale.
  2. They drink milk and prefer fish for their food.
  3. They’re adorable when they’re kittens.
  4. Tom and Jerry
  5. They are also covered with fur.
  6. That cats and dogs hate the fur of each other.
  7. They have slit pupils, like Magnus Bane.
  8. They hate water.
  9. That black cats are considered unlucky (I don’t believer it, though).
  10. With three rubber bands, a couple of sequin pieces, and a sponge, you can make a cat.
  11. Chibi cats and anime cats are Kawaii *_*
  12. That I like tigers and lions and leopards and cheetahs more than the actual cat.
  13. Because, you know, they belong to the same family.
  14. They disturb you while you’re reading.
  15. That those little furballs are annoying.

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