Pre-Ganesha Habba Scenes

On Wednesday afternoon, my dad called me when I was in the bus, on my way home, and told me get off at 4th block. I was two stops away, texted Prince and got down.

We were going shopping for Ganesha Habba. Which included: buying the Ganesha idol.

That was the first thing on his list.

We hadn’t celebrated the festival last year because our Grandfather had passed away. The year before that, we had got this beautiful, Organically painted Ganesha which smelled like the Earth and Rain. (My dad forgot to “Pre-Order it. Even though my sister had ordered for it.) And for a few years before that, we got a Ganesha from this one particular person.

Of course we went eco-friendly.

So we went looking for this man named Raghu. There were three shops that sold Clay Ganesha idols, without paint and on the footpath (That’s the tragic thing; we don’t respect natural and earthy ones) in front of the Janatha Bazar. We asked in the second shop, but that wasn’t it. Then in the next shop, the Man Named Raghu was there.

My dad asked my to choose one idol. I squatted down and saw all the faces and decided upon one. And then, my dad had a doubt.


Uh… Front?

After fifteen minutes of debating with my mother about the trunk, my dad decided on a right sided one, and we went to look for other things: flowers, different kinds of leaves, pooja things, and the like.

The market was a whole new scene. The scent of the flowers from all four directions was a little overwhelming. We bought assorted flowers, then went inside the shady market place.

This is the best place in whole of Jayanagar 4th Block. It had everything: ornamental flowers, stationery, art, clothes, decorative things, lights, pooja things, candies, dry fruits. You name it.

It is the most colourful place ever. If I was a photographer, this place would be my hub.

After we were done, I didn’t want to leave. I saw this small art place which sold so many different kinds of paints. I aim for it next. I lingered over one of the may exits/entrances to the place, wanting to take all the celebration in.

For me, this should what a festival look like. The celebration, the mindless chitter chatter of the people, the smell, all of it.

Not gold in front an idol. Or a lot of thousand-rupee notes.


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