Studio Ghibli (Part 4)

After not watching a Ghibli for so long, I had watched a few weeks ago and I watched three together before and during my exams. One was three days before my Chemistry exam, one was two days before and the last was after Chemistry.

So totally, I’ve watched 9 Studio Ghibli Movies! Yay!!


Kiki’s Delivery Service was so cute! It was adorable, daring, funny and really cool!

Its amazing what the people of Studio Ghibli can do. This movie is just a snippet of her life, a huge change in her life but with not too great difficulty. It was brilliantly written and animated. Or shown. Or drawn.

I loved how the couple who takes care of her were so happy for her! That woman’s husband actually cried!! :’)

only yesterday poster

Only Yesterday was next in line after Kiki’s Delivery Service. And it was so good. Relatable. Lovable. Cute. And funny.

So the big girl in the photo is travelling to the country side for a vacation to get a taste of it and take a break from her boring, mundane city life. All along the way, her 10-year-old-self keeps popping up. So does her memories.

She reminds me how it was to be 10. Trying to grow up but not really growing up. She girl was stubborn, and got hit and she was teased with a boy and puberty! She reminded us of everything that all 10 year old girls have gone through. I loved it. It was such a refreshing movie!

My 8th Studio Ghibli Movie:

images (51)

So technically, I was supposed to watch Porco Rosso and Pom Poko before getting into this but I had my exam the next day and I had to calm my nerves so I picked a contemporary one.


Where do I even begin?! This was such a brilliant movie! It wasn’t too sad, too happy, too romantic, or too sappy. It was perfect.

It had the perfect mix of a cocky, book-loving guy and sweet, daydreaming, book-loving girl. It was perfect.

It had a very simple story. But so, so much effective. She actually shows us how to be hard working and dedicated. I love love love loved it.


Ghibli movies are perfect. This and Whisper Of The Heart are great examples.

This was probably a little clichéd, but nonetheless, beautifully portrayed. That was my ninth studio Ghibli Movie. I’m craving for more. I will watch them. Just after my Semester Exams.

My Ranking:

  1. Whisper of the Heart
  2. My Neighbour Totoro
  3. Howl’s Moving Class
  4. From Up On Poppy Hill
  5. Only Yesterday
  6. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  7. Tales From Earthsea
  8. Grave Of The Fireflies
  9. Laputa

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