Fist Kiss (Heavy Influence #1) by Ann Marie Frohoff

17 year old high school senior, Jake Masters, front man of a rising rock band, finds new interest in his younger freshman next door neighbor Alyssa Montgomery. Their relationship breaks hearts; stirs jealousy and band infighting. When they’re brought to new found awareness of body and soul, will rightful boundaries be crossed? Will the right decisions and choices, which are detrimental to the band and its future, be made through the haze of infatuation? Will Jake’s absences on the road lead to another filling his shoes? Jake and Alyssa’s lifelong friendships are strained and tested; secrets are kept, admitted and shared. Family bonds are broken, as others grow stronger. Who knew a first love could cause so many problems? Then again, in their eyes, there are no problems as long as they’re together. In the end, will his new found muse bring down everything he’s worked so hard to achieve or will she inspire positive creative change; that will carry him and his band to stardom.

I liked the way this book started. It was a typical, summer romance book, which I love. But it’s sad, really, how this book totally crushed my expectations. I thought I would have fun reading this but it didn’t work for me.

I don’t see why it was such a big deal that Alyssa was dating an older guy. So what? But I guess the concern was that he was in a rock band that was about to go big and then her heart would be broken when he forgot her. It was a real-life situation and I totally appreciate Ms. Frohoff for taking such a situation in hand but I guess it could’ve been better in a lot of ways.

For one, she could’ve given the characters a good personality. It was hard figuring out the characters. Alyssa is only 15, so I understand her split personalities and indecisiveness. But Jake was a total disappointment. All of the other supporting characters were too bland and it felt they had to work extra hard to fit in to the story.

Overall, I think the story was pretty okay, but poorly executed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommendation: If you like cheesy, stereotypical romance novels, you should absolutely check it out.


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