Hearing My Own Voice

Hearing your own voice on tape or recording is weird. At least it is, for me.

My phone works as many things for me. It serves as any normal phone: texting and calling; it serves as an e-book reader; it serves as a mini-computer; and most importantly: it serves as a notepad.

The best thing is that, even if I change phones (which will obviously be another Windows phone) I can still access them through my OneDrive!

So this OneNote, where I take down all my ideas for my blogs, music tidbits, addresses, to-do list and stuff like that, has really cool features. You can put a photo in it, an audio piece, highlight it, strike it, number it, check-box it, and most importantly, record small voice messages.

Sometimes when I get a really good idea or something, if I’m too lazy to type it, I just record it. By experience, I’ve learned not to type things out when I’m irritated or lazy; it ends up being about two words long and later when I go through them, I will have no idea what it means. I have a page titled ‘Toradora’. I don’t know what it is. So voice message recording is easier.

Today, as I was looking for something to blog about in my ‘For My Blog’ page, when I come across two voice recordings, which were some of the latest entries. I listened to both of them, and I ended up being baffled.

I was more surprised by how I sounded than what I spoke. I spoke some stuff about Sunny and a filter in my head and some such sort, but I sounded… Different. Good different. My language was polished, even if it was accented by Kannada (which I’m proud of).

I’ve spent a lot of my life Talking to myself, or it used to be Sunny, or Leo. I think that’s where I’m able to say stuff a tiny bit spontaneously. And, boy, even though I sounded whiny and my words were like a little girl, my concern and my thinking was so much more mature than I ever thought.


One thought on “Hearing My Own Voice

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