The Creative Side Of Me

Originally written for NaJoWriMo but now it’s my very first post for NaBloPoMo!

Psychiatrists say that the brain is divided into 2 hemispheres along a groove: the Right hemisphere and the Left hemisphere. The Left hemisphere, the logical and reasoning side is said to control the right side if the body and the Right Hemisphere, the creative side is said to control the left side of the body.

Take Noah and Jude from I’ll give You the Sun. Both are left-handed and they are the most creative, artistic people ever (fictional or not).

Coming to me, I like to think I’m creative, though I may not be as creative as I’d want to be. Being creative is having originality and being the first person to do something. I know I’m close to achieving that in writing and reviewing.

Neil Gaiman

I started writing at a young age, maybe 11, or 12. I’d only started reading then and I wasn’t that exposed to writing yet.

I recently found a sheet of paper with the story titled as “The Door”.

It shows a picture of a door with eyes, mouth, nose and a mustache holding a girl in its arms. I quote the story:

  1. There was a beautiful house.
  2. It had a beautiful door.
  3. One day, the girl of the house was playing outside.
  4. She saw the door moving and was surprised.
  5. She became friends with the door and played with it everyday.

Or something along those lines.

It might seem silly to anyone who reads it. I felt stupid and smacked myself when I read this. But now I think, its original! It’s mine! It’s imaginative! How much better can this get?

It may not win an award or anything, but its original. And its me.

I believe that everyone is creative. Everybody as a child has their own imagination. No one can replicate that! What makes people creative in their adulthood is how well they’ve nurtured their imaginative side as a child.


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