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Things I like/Love

These are some of the things that make me who I am:

  • I love my family. I love my friends. I’m lucky to have them.
  • I’m a junkie. If you look into my art kit, it’ll look more like a junk box than an art kit.
  • I used to like to draw and be good at it.
  • I’m a total sucker for artists. You can sketch, draw, doodle, paint or do a graphic design, I’ll look at all of them and you in awe.
  • I love personal stuff. I still have my school uniform, old letters, idea pads, greeting cards, ribbons, slam books, diaries, art file, song lyrics, bits and pieces of a novel that I writing with my friends.
  • I used to have really pretty and neat handwriting. I don’t know what happened to my present handwriting.
  • I love to collect stickers, old pens, old stationery, pouches, or any glittery stuff.
  • I love colourful notebooks, pens, mugs, calendars, Post-its, anything!
  • I LOVE to read. I think you all know that.
  • I love smelling old books. They leave me smell bound.
  • I love reading pre-owned books. They have more authenticity in them than brand new ones.
  • I love to write.
  • I love the Environment.
  • I love Bangalore.


Books and mail make my day :) I'm slowly discovering art. But crafts help me lift my mood. Writing is important. Family is the best.

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