I love it!

You have exactly 300 words to justify why your favourite person, place or thing need to exist.

Bangalore needs to exist. Without it, there would be no happiness in the world. The IT capital of India (unfortunately), second in the world, Bangalore has more variety of people than in the whole country. TRUE Bangaloreans are the friendliest people on the planet, who welcome anyone into their land and go out of their way to help them. There is NO way you can’t survive in Bangalore and you find absolutely anything here, if you just know where to look and whom to ask. Bangalore is magic. It is perfect blend of heritage and modernism. Art and literature. Science and social activities. It is beautiful, day and night. She has a peaceful smile on her face. The beautiful gardens all over the city adds to its beauty and peacefulness. The food here is unmistakable. even though traffic is unbearable, and even though people don’t realize the root causes, the bus rides are always fun and exciting. The farther you travel in a bus, the more of Bangalore you see. It might not have clean air, but it has parks and forests to compensate. It may have a lot of people, a lot of garbage, but nobody’s saying that they’re not doing anything about it. I know I am. I’d do anything for Bangalore.

I love Bangalore.

And it just gets worse every day, little by little.


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