Studio Ghibli (Part 5)

This post will be about two of the most loved, the best Studio Ghibli movies ever: Mononoke Hime and Spirited Away.

Mononoke Hime or Princess Mononoke was the first among the two. After hearing the hype about it, how great the movie is, how brilliant the story is, can I just say that I was disappointed? Like highly.


Okay, so I get the conflict. I get that she, this princess on top, is supporting the forest and will do anything to save it. As an environmentalist, I totally understand. But it was so boring. It did not captivate me at all. I had trouble following the story and just went through to the end of the movie just to know what happens. That’s not how a movie should be, at least, for me.

But what I liked about it is how all the women are hard working ladies in the iron works and they don’t need protection from the men during times of war! And I loved how strong Eboshi is.

Oh, and I hated that deer god. He was just so beautiful that it was creepy.

I was really scared to watch Spirited Away after the huge let down by Mononoke Hime. But, I watched it anyway. And so glad to say that I liked it!


I love movies and books with protagonists as young as Chihiro. She’s barely 10 and throughout her journey, she ages 10 more years in wisdom and experiences and strength and bravery and love. That’s the best part of the movie. That’s what I love most about them.

This movie started out really well. Chihiro is portrayed as a young girl typically scared, clumsy and shows lack of manners. Like I said, the transformation of that young girl into a compassionate, loving, brave young girl is what I loved best. Nobody changed her life for her; she just got the nudge she needed without asking for it. But she changes everyone’s lives there. She hasn’t lost her innocence or charm, it just grew. Watching that transformation just filled my heart and I loved it.


5 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli (Part 5)

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