All You Need is a Good Romance

After finishing two books of a heavy fantasy/thriller trilogy, moving on seemed hard because you don’t have the third book yet. Moving on is hard because it ended in a. . . not quite a cliff-hanger, but also a kind of cliff-hanger. It will keep you up all night waiting for the next book, which will be releasing in March 2016! I know what to buy for my birthday 😉

In times like these, with a really cold, wet, rainy weather outside, all you need is a good laugh. And a good laugh comes with a Sophie Kinsella, a biscuit packet and a blanket!

I picked up I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. My first choice would be Twenties Girl by the same author, but my sister and I had lent it to someone so that was ruled out. I had also started The Tennis Party, by the same author under the name Madeleine Wickham, which are more serious and more plot-driven than character-driven, but ended up ditching it after a few pages ad I know that I will eventually read it.

I’ve Got Your Number, like most of the books under Sophie Kinsella, are character-driven and hilarious. I read this today in a few hours. It is really well paced, an absolutely lovable story, with an some extremely amazing characters, and not to mention amazingly entertaining! By the end of the book, you’ll want to pat it and hold it close to your heart and say ‘Thank you!’ for making your day more beautiful. Her stories are like that.

Sometimes, you need romance in your life and books. You can’t just read all heavy fantasy or philosophical books all the time! You need love! You need to laugh sometimes! And they sure will brighten up your day!


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