Happiness is reading Children’s books!

Happy Children’s Day to all my fellow Indians! I hope you have cherished your time as a child and reminiscing the good ol’ days!

I don’t have a varied taste in reading, but I’ve tried reading everything. I’ll read romance, YA or NA, any day. I love fantasy. And I love contemporary books. And most of all, Children’s fiction.

A book with a child as a protagonist, preferably of age between 10 and 13, are my most cherished books, which also includes my collection of Tinkle magazines. I mean, who doesn’t love Tinkle?

There’s just something about a child that draws you towards them. A child sees things so much differently and better than an adult.

I have several theories why many people enjoy children’s literature:

One: The child protagonist reminds the reader of themselves in their younger days. I got to do an ARC for one of my favourite children’s author, Sally Nicholls for her new book An Island Of Her Own, and the protagonist’s name was Holly, and she wanted to be an environmentalist, just like I wanted to be. She was caring, understanding, and an adult in her own way. As I read the book, I recognized myself in a lot of places and that’s what a great book means to me.

Two: The innocence. As mature as some kids might be, their innocence is never lost. At least, in a book it isn’t lost. In this book called Wonder by R J Palacio, the book is told by a lot of people, most of them being kids, and it is a heart-breaking book. Every person has different perception of the same thing, a different side of the same story, and I love that these are the only kinds of books that can make me laugh and cry at the same time.

Three: A true voice. Children can’t fake things, no matter how much they try. They remain true to themselves, and never betray people or abandon them, like in Coraline by Neil Gaiman. In this, when her parents are stuck in an alternate world, and she had “other mother” and “other father”, she never stopped believing that she could her real parents back. She fought for it, fought hard and got them back. Even evil sometimes can’t win against children.

This is why I don’t mind being a child again. I loved so many things a child but now, i find them lame, and even if i don’t, society pressures you to believe that you don’t like it or believe in it anymore. Its just sad.


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