I’ve hit a Century!

Yus! This is my 100th post and I’m so happy that I’ve blogging for more than a year now! I really hope to continue this and be better everyday! Thanks to all friends out there who read and support my blog!

My very first post, called If it weren’t for Language class, was a total failure. It was something that I had to say and it came out all wrong. It is a little stupid, if I must say. But my previous post, Happiness is reading Children’s books is a lot better. It is clearly visible as to how much I’ve grown from the past year.

I hope I’m remembered for Centuries for my funny blog.

It is funny, isn’t it?

Is there any kind of content that you would like to read on this blog? I’d be happy to try it out and experiment for you! Just email me to this address and I will get back to you almost immediately 🙂 (I love emails!)

Email id: pari617@hotmail.com


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