La Corda D’oro Primo Passo

One of my earliest anime was La Corda D’oro Primo Passo. It revolves around a high school girl named Kahoko Hino through her magical, musical journey in a competition and her undeniable attraction towards her competitors. There are five guys and a girl, and she has had a heart-stopping moment with each one of the guys. I wish I had some of them, too. Here are my rankings of the guys:

5. Yunoki Azuma


He is a narcissistic asshole. He obviously has major issues with Kahoko, and harassing her only makes him feel that much more superior. As a child, I really admired him. But now I realize his actions bordered on harassment. His hair is probably the only best feature he has, unlike his best friend Kazuki Hihara, who is just amazing.

He has two sides: one that’s sweet and charming to the world outside, and one he shows to Kahoko. ANd 90% of the time spent alone with Kahoko, he was being a jerk. And she goes weak in the knees when he says stuff like, “You sure are cute,” and I hate her for that.

But, damn, his flute playing is enchanting!

4. Len Tsukimori


This is what I call a Love-hate relationship. Len is a child prodigy in violin. So when Kahoko comes with a magical violin, claiming to be able to play it, I guess it made him feel threatened. But after listening to her play, he mostly guided her and make her play better on her own. He was pretty stern, and during that course of time, his feelings for her developed.

I guess he’s okay. Sometimes he was jerk, but that was only because he wanted her to get better.

3. Keiichi Shimizu


This cutie pie plays the cello and is so damn good at it! His piece at the Final Selection was amazing!

Keiichi isn’t exactly attracted to Kahoko. She’s more like the inspiration he always needed. I find that really sweet.

2. Tsuchiura Ryoutarou


Him and her are in the General Department of the school, where as the rest of them are from the Music Department. The above scene is when she learns that Ryotarou was a really good pianist. He tells her not to tall anyone. Like that.

Ryoutarou accompanies her in the first selection after Kahoko’s accompanist leaves her. He is really caring towards her, even though stern. He’s saved her a lot of times from falling. Him and Len are rivals. They hate each other and always try to best each other in their own instruments and for me, it seems that they are also competing to win kahoko’s heart. Just sayin’.

1. Kazuki Hihara

 hqdefault (1)

 Where do I begin with this one?! Kazuki Hihara is best friends with Azuma and they are total opposites. Where Azuma is all about style and elegance and his purple, waist-length hair, Kazuki is an outgoing, cheerful, athletic, fun guy. He’s the person you want to be around all the time! He plays the trumpet, which suits him perfectly, as the sounds of a trumpet is loud, yet never noisy and it can touch hearts with its melody. He also gave up athletics to play the trumpet. How cool is that?

I love the boyishness of Kazuki. He never, ever buttons his shirt. He is such an outgoing person that you’ll fall in love with him without even realizing it. And when he says stuff like, ‘It sounds better when i play it with you”, come on, that’s the best pick up line ever.


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