Problems Problems. Who Hasn’t Got them?

Life is a series of events. Some are eventful, some are uneventful; some can be unforgettable and others are unfortunate. What keeps us on? What keeps us from not giving up on life and saying it, “Screw you, Life! I deserve a better one!” and then just. . . disappear?

Of course everyone had problems. Like I always say, there’s a beautiful Kannada saying and the translation goes like this ;’An ant has its own problems and an elephant has its own problems.’ Never try to judge people on the spot because you will have NO idea what they’re going through.

What I don’t get about certain people is how they publicize their problems. They whine, groan, telling how their life could be better with whatever they want. Well, guess what? Life doesn’t works that way! You want something? Earn it! Deserve it! Then maybe, you’ll get what you want.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Finding true happiness is the ultimate task of humanity. Or so I believe.


8 thoughts on “Problems Problems. Who Hasn’t Got them?

      1. So you don’t think they deserve sympathy ? Yes I do agree that going on social media and whining about your problems are too immature , but think in their perspective. Maybe they’re lonely and have none to talk with, or just they need sympathy which makes them feel better, and as time passes they’ll realise for themselves that it wasn’t a problem at all.


        1. Sometimes, I think some of them are just looking for some drama.
          I’m not saying they don’t deserve sympathy, but there’s a way for it. If social media helps them get rid of their depressions and loneliness, well, I’m speechless.
          I’m sorry, but I’ve also been depressed but social media is a bane sometimes.


  1. I really agree with you here! I do believe it is the goal, and it is not always such an easy task. Do you know the work of Stefan Sagmeister? He did a project called the Happy Show, which I think you would like. Check it out!

    The piece of realizing that everyone is going through their own struggle is so powerful. Putting this into practice is the challenge. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the thoughtful post. Cheers!

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