For Bangalore: Forever and Always!

We all have seen the garbage fiasco happening all around Bangalore. Some of us are guilty for it, too. And as an environmentalist, it hurts to see all this and sit back and feel helpless.

But I have been doing my share of work, even if it is small. The woman who comes to pick up garbage at my home had told everyone to segregate their garbage, and only then she’ll be taking it. But NOBODY is doing it. They complain that she is’t picking up garbage, but are they doing their part? When asked why they won’t do it, a neighbour of ours said, “The Government should give us two dustbins to separate.”

Is that even a valid reason?! Why should the Govt give people two dustbins? Can’t they keep it in two separate places? Why are people so stupid and ignorant?

Seeing all this, I wanted to do something. Talk to the corporator b*itch face and demand her to do something. But I give up. I have lost all faith in the Karnataka Govt, except for maybe my dad’s friend, who is the Commissioner of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). He is doing his job. He has come up with a power plan to solve the garbage problem.

My main concern is the ignorant, stupid people in the city. They throw all the garbage, and still complain about it! They have some nerve!


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