Studio Ghibli (Part 6)

I watched The Secret World Of Arietty, The Cat Returns and Ponyo, one night after another. All three were amazing!!


Arietty was so good! Studio Ghibli, like Colleen Hoover, can write a beautiful, life-changing story about a dust rag and a cat in a sewer, and we’ll still fall in love with it!

I wanted more adventures for Sho with Arietty because they had too little time. But his life changed in that short span of time. It was amazing.

I loved Arietty. She was daring. She trusted someone who shouldn’t be trusted and followed her heart. Proves that following your heart may be hard, but it is almost always right.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Someone answer me this: IS THIS THE SAME BARON IN WHISPER OF THE HEART? Because if it is, I’m screaming with delight!

I loved the story. It was entertaining, fun, thrilling and action-packed! And my dislike for cats only heightened!

I really liked the Baron and the Prince and I loved Muta! An absolute must-watch for all cat lovers and anime lover!


I have mixed feelings about Ponyo. While I loved it, I didn’t like the concept of love coming between such tiny kids. It was a little disconcerting.

I love the sea. I love the water. it reminds of Percy and all through the movie, I kept thinking, “Maybe the boy is Percy!” Or not, because his father was very much alive and a sailor.

The characters were brilliant. I loved every single one of them. Except, maybe Ponyo herself, because, honestly, she was little creepy.



6 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli (Part 6)

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