State of Your Year

How is this year shaping up so fat? Write about your biggest challenges and achievements so far.

Today is November 23rd, 2015. Almost 85% of the year is down and I can never say that I’ve had a better year!

I’ve achieved so much in this one year! Sure, I’ve had some huge challenges, but that never deterred me!

One of my biggest challenges this year were my exams. Like I said in Teacher’s Pet, I was a rank student. It was very hard for my parents to see me come down from 95% to 65%. It was very hard for me to see them see  me like that.

But I worked hard, and along with education, I have learned so many things. I’ve learned to be good person. I’ve learned not to be judgmental. I’ve made so many friends across so many streams and learnt so much from them!  I’ve a few pen friends, to whom I’m absolutely thrilled to write to! I’ve also gotten better at writing!

My biggest achievement so far is getting published in the Adelaide Magazine! My best work Dauntless and a few reviews have been published!

So over all, I’ve learnt more things that I can count with both my hands (oops) and my feet. I’d say that’s an achievement of a lifetime.


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