A Sketcher who thinks she’s a Beginner

This is our first talent at Tuesday is Talent Day!

Meet Vaishnavi. A student from one of the toughest combinations in college, she’s almost never sane, and that’s the best quality of an artist.

She’s an amazing singer, who has had formal training in Carnatic Classical music and her family has been associated with music for generations. She’s learnt Japanese music on her own and aspires to learn Turkish music!

Here’s what she says about her passion, when and why she started to draw:

I had been drawing for a long time (those drawings prior to 2013 are not available for whatever reasons) but the first time I drew out of immense love for someone was my portrait of ‘hide’ (hee-dhey). The lead guitarist of one of my most favorite bands, X Japan, committed suicide on May 2,1998; I felt that drawing him was the least I could do as a fan who discovered X Japan too late.
Yup, so that’s why I drew him in May 2013– my humble tribute to the pioneer of the Visual Kei movement in Japanese music.
Hideto 'hide' Matsumoto (1).jpg
When I saw this sketch, my jaw dropped to the floor. She didn’t have to tell me that she admired the musician; it was a striking quality on the paper with her pencils. I googled the man myself, and I understood why she would love this musician.
May’n–I drew it for my friend who is a huge fan of May’n, for his birthday in October 2014. May’n is a well known Japanese pop singer.
This piece is my personal favourite. She texted this to me in the middle of the night, after she finished it. She usually takes about 5-6 hours for a portrait, and it is so amazing. I loved the way she’s captured the light on her hair.
Jimmy Page (drawn in May 2015)- My cousin is a worshiper of Led Zeppelin, particularly of Jimmy Page. He was going away to Pune to pursue his MBA there and his birthday was on May 10th; I thought the Jimmy Page portrait would be a good birthday present as well as a good ‘temporary-goodbye’ gift. But what would a rock music fan do with a mere drawing of his idol stored away in the cupboard? Rockstars are meant to be glorified and worshiped. So I drew Jimmy Page for him and blew it up into a A2 size poster for him to stick it on the wall! That was my birthday gift to him. He was so happy when he received it, he almost broke down (well, that is what I could sense at least).
Please don’t tell me you haven’t fallen in love with this talent yet. After seeing this portrait, I asked her, “What the hell are you doing with your life studying Electronics and Physics?!” To which she just grinned and shrugged.
Richard Wagner.jpg
Richard Wagner– I drew it for one of my close friends again, a huge fan of western classical music and an admirer of Richard Wagner, one of the finest composers Germany has produced, and who composed absolutely magnificent masterpieces like ‘The Flying Dutchman’, ‘The Ring Cycle’, ‘Tristan and Isolde’, etc just to name a few. He was a very huge influence on the general direction that classical music would take in the 20th century; the aesthetics he used in his operas (called, in German- “a work of art”) was nothing short of a revolution in 1800s’ opera music.
Vaishnavi claims that this is her masterpiece. It took her more than 12 hours to draw this! “I couldn’t even lift my hand when I finished this!” she says.
It is indeed a masterpiece.
Taking a break from portraits, she also did an abstract drawing.

Zentangle- zentangling is an abstract art form, which combines the meditative experience of zen-Buddhism and the state of the mind achieved through drawing freely, without any planned direction. One of my friends said in a jocular way “you’ve gotten so good at doodling that it almost looks like some good artsy-stuff. Boredom during classes has finally paid off”! But no, I made quite an effort to get a hang of abstract art. To think freely is easier said than done. We’ve actually gotten so used to thinking inside the box that to prompt our minds to get out of the routine is quite hard (at least for me). The one attached was my first attempt at zentangling– i.e first attempt at thinking freely (for drawing).

Looking at the above piece of art, my mind spirals into it and before I know it, I’m sucked into it and I’m in a trance.
She claims to be not good enough, but I’ll let you decide.
She’s also taking drawing requests!
Apart from being an artist, she sings some amazing western songs for me! She can sing Japanese, Turkish, Polish, just a few of the languages that I can remember! Talk about love for World Music!
She’s an amazing person. But highly introverted. If you can get past that barrier, there’s so much you’ll learn!
I’ve been very fortunate to have her as my friend.
If you want to contact her, just let me know!
P.S. Please ignore me in the photo! The star is the one in maroon!

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