The Outsiders

Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

I’ve never been a part of an extremely popular group that everyone wishes they were a part of. I’ve been a little bit of a loner in school, a huge loner in PU and I’m a part of a really quirky group in Joseph’s.

I’ve always felt that I’m incapable of being “cool”and fit into a group that I’ve always envied. I feel like they’re always a step or two above me. And that I don’t deserve to have fun like they do. It’s like they’re in a glass-domed wonderland and I’m watching from a barren land on the other side of the glass.

But now, I don’t feel that way. I’m part of a change. I’m part of being useful, unlike some people who just want to smoke, drink and have fun. I have laughed more than they ever would in a day (I’m speculating) and I’m happy, very, extremely happy to be where I am today. I love my group of friends and I wouldn’t trade them for someone who I think are cooler. Or the world.

Also, these “cool” people seem to be less happy with their personal life and relationship and than they actually show. They tend to be unhappy with life. Again, I’m just speculating, but that’s what I feel a lot of times.


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