Viewing the World through that little viewfinder

Second week of Tuesday is Talent Day! and I’m loving it!

My Talent for this week is Arun B George for Photography. He is a student from one of the most creative combinations, B.Voc (Bachelor in Vocation) which is basically media studies. And how he got into the course was a hurdle he never thought he would leap through.

He’s always loved travelling and his love for photography all started with his hobby of capturing moments. This is what he says about what photography means to him:

It all started from a hobby of capturing moments. Some say Photography is an art. Some say its about conveying a story. Some others say its a visual expressing itself.
Not that I deny the above said statements; but for me its about viewing the world through that little viewfinder. My love affair with life.
A love affair with life. Such passion for the art. It’s quite rare that one sees so much passion, like him and Vaishnavi, but when you do, you’ll look at the person with more admiration and respect. At least, I do.
He didn’t offer me a description…Waait. That’s a reflection in a puddle. Oh My Goodness.
He told me his pictures speak for themselves. And, yes, they most certainly do._MG_2326-Recovered.jpg

 I’m not saying I’m a great photographer. I’m not even close. But I would never stop doing it until I die. One of my death wishes would be holding my camera while I’m in the coffin.


When asked if he had any inspiration, he opens up about the day of his self-realization:

I don’t have any inspiration in particular. I’ve always enjoyed this as a hobby and eventually I came to this self-realisation mode when I questioned myself,”What the hell are you doing in life? You love doing this and you’ve always wanted to travel. Why not become a travel photo-journalist?”
Like anyone who wants to follow their passion and dreams and not follow the herd, there are plenty of obstacles. The biggest ones: Society and Family. Here’s what he says how he overcame his obstacles:
But things didn’t go the way I expected them to. I was held back for various reasons; mainly because I didn’t make that much of an effort in convincing my parents.
And I ended up in an engineering college like many of my friends. I moved on with life until I came to a crucial saturation point. I had enough of pushing too hard and finally I gave up and opened up to my parents. If it wasn’t for my friend, Smriti who always stood by me, I wouldn’t have dropped out and joined media studies.
I had also asked him to provide me with a brief description for each of the photos but he insisted on letting “the photos speak for themselves.” And for me, this photo screams culture. What does it say to you?
The first time I decided doing this (it was not named yet), I had asked him to share the one photo that represents “Him”.
This was the photo he sent me. And it quietly speaks freedom and solitude, which is what Arun always wants in his life.
He loves travelling solo, and even though he’s only visited Hampi as of now, he wishes to travel around the world.
 I wish he does and be successful in his passion.
(If you guys want to feature in this section, contact me HERE!)

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