Doodling Aimlessly will create masterpieces

A very good example of this is Archana V Chari. She’s a classmate of mine and for her, boredom in class is the cause for her amazing doodling abilities.


The above photo is the label of her 5-subject notebook last year.


If only lessons were this fun. This was in third semester Environmental Sciences paper on Biostatistics.



Ad your name may not be fancy, but there are endless possibilities to be fancy and create and identity for yourself.


And here are some of her long-term, most imaginative doodles.


And one of her unfinished projects:


I’m excited to see what she’s gonna do to this!

Archana is the funnest person you can be around. She’s insightful, funny, sarcastic and a realist. And crazy. The photo of us will tell you all about it.


2 thoughts on “Doodling Aimlessly will create masterpieces

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