Sorry, I’m busy

Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.

This happened today. I’m still guilty about it.

I was just walking to the bus stop after a long day of classes on a Saturday. I was beat and my bag was heavy and I was tired and all I wanted was to go home and flop on my bed and not wake up for days.

A woman, with a small boy holding her hand walked by me and asked me,”Do you know Hindi…?” in Hindi. I shook my head, too tired to ask her how I could help her.

She insisted. “At least little?” I still shook my head. The woman walked away and I hoped she found someone to help her.

It’s not that I can’t speak Hindi. It also wasn’t the Kannadiga side of me asking, “Why can’t she learn Kannada?”  Because I knew that she was here for a short time and was lost, I think. The only reason I didn’t help her was because I was in no state to help her. I couldn’t think. I could barely speak. And when I went home, I wanted to cry. Why, I don’t know. Maybe because I felt guilty about that woman. Maybe because it was the relief of reaching home. Maybe because I was emotionally drained. Maybe because I realised that I had no thinking capacity and I was stupid.

Maybe for all of the above reasons.


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