The Story of an Amatog

This is Clifford Prince. He is an amateur photographer, can play the piano and has become a foodie with us. He is one of my closest and earliest friends from college and I’m very excited to be blogging today!

When I asked (demanded) him to send me some of his best and favourite photos that he’s ever clicked, he just shrugged it off, telling me to host someone else. I had to insist and make puppy dog faces until I had him convinced. And I’m very happy that the information that he sent me is so very good!

When I asked him when he started clicking photos and where he found the inspiration, his “Estory” was pretty cool. Something that I didn’t know myself. (One of the perks of doing this feature: I get in-depth information about some amazing people.)

I started shooting just a year ago. I bought my first camera in the last week of September 2014. I did not have the slightest kind of prior experience of shooting. I had no idea of parameters such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance. I always fancied big cameras and long lenses. The first DSLR I touched belonged to my classmate and that was two months before I bought my camera. I like the term Amatog made known to us by Vineet Jason. I think I belong to this category. It’s fun to be an amatog where you aren’t a professional photographer but possess the potential to take descent pictures. People who have known me before see my picture and wonder if I really took that picture. People ask me if I took that particular picture I feel kind of important you know… So this is the story of an amatog.

If you take a look at the photos below, no way would anyone say that his photos are just “decent”.


One of my favorite pictures. A barn owl that flew from somewhere and landed right next to my compound posing for the shots I was trying to take. It had been just a month since I bought my first ever camera and started pursuing my passion of photography. I was novice knew nothing except a little theory. I started getting close to the owl; I just had the 18-55mm kit lens. I got closest the bird would allow me to get i.e. about 1m from the bird. The bird was still and the image was taken at 49mm [73.5mm (35mm equivalent)]. This one is still a special shot to me because not many people would have seen this bird in real life, but I could get so close and take a picture of it.


This one is a special one to me because the way this picture was taken was funny. I was heading south on the Kanakapura road with my brother. We happened to spot the Painted Storks in the Kanakapura tank. We stopped the bike immediately and crawled on the lake bed like snipers and took this shot as soon a stork sensed us and started to fly. Those of you wondering how could these guys crawl the lake bed… parts of the lake was dry. The haze that can be seen in the picture is the dry grass.


I’d never seen this before myself and I love it. My next phone lock screen.

This one is just a random picture of a dry tree that was shot in Saavandurga. It was taken with the intention of turning it B&W later. The slight antique appearance is what I like about this picture.


This picture of a lizard was shot in Bheemeshwari about 100kms from Bangalore. This one of the initial impressive pictures that I’ve shot with my cheap 70-300mm lens.


Eventually, I learned post processing as well. This one shows the selective color. This is the money plant that is in my room for the past few years and always seen with only 2 leaves.


This one is the best portrait picture that I’ve taken. This was shot during a face painting competition in my college, painted by Dibyajyoti Dasgoopta on Nairika’s face; this was shot with a standard 50mm f1.8. I really love the shallow depth of field offered by this large diaphragm which is expressed by the background blur (Bokeh).

Well, here’s your glimpse at three talents at once.


This was an accident shot. I wanted to shoot the spider, but my camera doesn’t read minds. It set the exposure based on the backlit incandescent light. Though it was an accident shot I love this image. This is the best silhouette that I have shot.


This just gives me more creeps than if I’d seen it live.

Who wouldn’t want to get that shot, when you see a green vine for the first time in real life up close in the wild? Sharpening and vibrancy were applied in the post process to give that effect. Shot in Agumbe, one of the most epic photography trips.


This was shot in Ooty. An amazing view where one can see a small patch of land that is lit by the light rays passing through the gap created by the clouds. The trip was an amazing one. We did 600+ kms in 18Hrs from Bangalore to Ooty and back to Bangalore on a 100CC 2-stroke bike.

I know this story. He told this to me yesterday while we were sitting in a bus. It was a nice ride home and he’s promised to take me around for street photography. I’ll remember that, you know? And I’m holding you on to that.

10.1p.JPG      10.2p.jpg


My skills of post processing can be seen in this picture. The original picture is the one on the left,which was made to look like the one on the right.


Another crazily photo-shopped picture. Malabar Pit Viper Female in Agumbe.

I’ve seen plenty of his pictures —some are here and others aren’t— being displayed in college during various fests. Everytime I see them, I go “Wow!” Then I remember that the photographer is standing right next to me.

The photos have been used in plenty of places, like the WACC (Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club) fest, WILD 5.0. I’m just sad that he hasn’t won that many competitions but in all the year and a half (Maybe more) that I’ve known him, I have the faith that he’ll become famous one day.

I’m proud of you, kano.

(P.S. If you want to be featured, click the link HERE for details on how to contact me! I know that there is no shortage of talent in this world.)





19 thoughts on “The Story of an Amatog

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  5. Hi there! This article could not be written much better!
    Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He always kept talking about this. I am going to forward this information to him.
    Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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