Her Magic Wand

Meet Shree Nithya. This long haired beauty with terracotta jhumkis has a huge story behind her talent. Her talent is art: painting and sketching. With a little bit of crafts, now and then. She says about how and when she started drawing and painting.

The earliest memory I have of me involved in any kind of ‘art doing’ is when I was around 5. My parents were out, attending some function. I had a piece of chalk in my hand and too little space on the ground to draw. So I did what I love doing most, draw. Before I knew it, there was a big train, about my height on the wall, its coaches spanning the lengths of more than 3 rooms. I didn’t know what compelled me to do it, just that I loved doing it.

It was my little secret.

She doesn’t have a picture of the drawing of the train. Instead, here are some of her paintings.


This phoenix (I’m assuming it is one) is bright and beautiful. I wonder if it represents her.

Then, of course, my secret was discovered and my parents surprisingly  weren’t mad, like I thought they’d be. On the contrary, I was encouraged and made to do better than I thought I could. So, for a major part of my childhood, the pencil was my magic wand. All I needed was a sharp pencil and some paper and it would keep me occupied for hours.


She’s really stubborn. She says so herself.

What set me apart from the others, I noticed, was that I just wouldn’t use an eraser! I felt it demeaning, stupid even to have to erase what I drew.

If we take a closer look at that above statement, I think it can be applied t one’s life as well. Just shows that your views about art isn’t just limited to art; it will expand to your life and the ones you love, as well.


She talks about graduating from pencils to paints, and not really leaving behind her magic wand.

A huge turning point in my life was when I was introduced to paints. I would spend days with my palette, just mixing colours and consistencies. My first canvas, the roses in the vase, back in 2009 took longer than I thought it would, but when it was done, I couldn’t control my excitement. I had just done my first canvas!


This is her first canvas! She must be so proud!

Shree Nithya tells more about her journey from her first canvas.

After that [first canvas], nothing could stop me, or so I thought. Board exams and 11th and 12th put a comma in my art life. Art took the backseat, and in those three years, it was my escape. My table, desk, my math textbook, all completely covered with doodles and random sketches. My Shakespeare book had verse on one side and a pictorial description on the other 😛

Talk about inspiration!

The same three years motivated me to write my first book!


Don’t you just love those tiny canvas with butterflies? They’re colourful, neat and very pretty!

Painting material is expensive and more than once I’ve fought a losing battle, asking my parents for the newest line of brushes or charcoal to do art. So I learnt to use whatever I had. Most of the times, I use the most ridiculous things to make something pretty. When it’s somebody’s birthday, they can always expect something handmade from me, like something made of clay or a painting of the Batman symbol.


Aww!! I want to cuddle that little leopard cub!!

Nithya has a weird thing about the timing of her painting on canvas.

Almost every other canvas I have done is when I had so much work to do, but would rather paint instead.

I think not many of us can relate to that. Most of us succumb under pressure but Shree Nithya is unique. From dissing the statement that “You can’t wear jhumkis when you’re wearing jeans!” to being brutally honest and sassy and sarcastic, this girl is of a unique kind. What’s more, she is also a trained classical singer!


I think this is my favourite of all. I juts love the fact that she’s blended such wonderful colours together.

I wouldn’t call myself an artist, I wouldn’t even call myself good. I just love what I do, putting in as much originality as I can. Something like this, I can’t complete, because I haven’t stopped painting yet.

I’d like to quote another friend of mine, Nitya Basrur, who once told me:

You can go to art classes and learn how to do art and learn techniques, but you don’t learn how to be an artist.

This quote is very appropriate for Shree Nithya as even though she is a self-taught artist, she found her originality. That’s what an artist means.


If you are a talented person, or know somebody who’s talented in any field, contact me here!


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