Why I went AWOL for a week

Yes, I was missing for a week. I was juggling college and making Christmas cards right after college and that left me nearly no time to blog.

My “hobby”, or rather fetish for making Christmas cards started with my favourite English teacher in school, who was the first Christian that I’d ever come across. I’d make her a Holly Hangar, which is basically a square piece of white card and drawn on it was a couple of Holly leaves on one side and “Merry Christmas on the other, and tied with a ribbon so it could be hanged anywhere. From then on, I made her a card every year, even after I got out of school. So I went to give her her card yesterday, after finishing a Christmas program in college, but she’d left early that day. It was an amazing afternoon, though!

This year, I made a total of 22 Christmas cards and two birthday cards and a hanging card. I sent one card to USA and one to Delhi. I was also a part of exchanging books with complete strangers and I had so much fun making bookmarks and writing letters for them!

It was a crazy mission! I went to Itsy Bitsy early December and I was overjoyed when I saw pre-cut cards and matching/corresponding envelopes. I bought a total of 26 cards or so. I still have one or two left. The colours were just brilliant! My dad and i spent about an hour there, finding the cheapest things, the cutest stickers, and most colourful glitter powders. I bought ocean coloured satin ribbons, which just ROCKS. I bought a lot of stickers, none of which I used.

I first cards I made was to send through the post: One to the USA and another to Delhi.


(The photo quality is very bad.)

I took two whole weeks, coming home every evening and doing the cards in the midst of a fest and Pet Show. I’m just so happy that I made them 🙂

And Sammy, gurl! I couldn’t do this without you!




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