Achievements and what I learnt and hopes and beliefs

2015 was a great year. Here’s is a list of what I did and learnt and achieved in the previous year:

  1. I learnt to accept and embrace myself.
  2. I discovered my passion/s: Writing and blogging.
  3. I discovered a whole new side of me.
  4. I found the best people on the planet.
  5. I learnt to make people laugh.
  6. I learnt never to judge a book by a cover. (I don’t actually, but this applies to people, in case you missed.)
  7. I started a new feature on my blog.
  8. My blog has been running for over a year now!
  9. I learnt that the things happening on the earth are more serious than I could ever imagine.
  10. I have been PUBLISHED IN A New York MAGAZINE. That is my biggest achievement in my life.
  11. I’m getting better at reviewing books.
  12. I fell in love with movies.
  13. I’m loving people.
  14. I fell in love with the arts. And the artists.
  15. I fell in love with living, and I’ve only just begun.

Here’s what I hope for in 2016:

  1. Enhance all of the above 15 points. Make myself better by the day.
  2.  I want to do my part for the earth. As I know I don’t do enough.
  3. I want to get better at studying. Get better marks and do something worthwhile.
  4. Read more.
  5. Write more.
  6. Explore more.
  7. Watch more movies.
  8. Open up my heart, for once, and feel pain and happiness.

I’m sure there will be more numbers added to the list. There can be no way that I only learnt so much in 365 days. If that is the case, I’ll make to learnt more things in 2016. I promise, Sunny.


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