Going Through Old Facebook Messages

You know when you’re cleaning your room or a box or something that you haven’t in a long time and you discover a side of yourself that you now wish it never existed?

That’s how I felt like when I went through all my Facebook messages since I joined in 2013, after 10th std.

I have somewhere around 30 to 40 chats, and most of them go like this:

Them: hey

You: hi

Them: wassup

You: nothing much. u?

Them: nothing. wich college?

Me: (So and so)college…


Them: (so and so) college.

what doing in college (As in what subjects.)

Me: science. pcmb


Them: Me too (Or something like that…)

how u?

Me: good. u?

Them: me too

There can be nothing boring than such conversations. And to think that this was me only two years ago is just sad. And maybe a little overwhelming seeing how much I’ve changed.

The best part is, I hate/don’t like to speak to at least 90% of these kind of people. Maybe one day, I’ll take a screenshot of a few of these kinds of conversations and have a good laugh with you all!

Have you had such conversations? Or experiences like this?


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