An Inspiration is All You Need

“Hi. My name is Dibyajyothi Dasgoopta, but you can call me Raj,” was how DJ (as we like to call him) introduced himself on the first day of college. This tall, unassuming guy has hidden talents in him that we needed to etch it out like we’re mining for gems.

DJ is an artist and a perfectionist at that.

Yeah, it’s true that I try to bring perfection in whatever I do. People often say that I have got OCPD, but that hasn’t stopped me from being a perfectionist. According to me, achieving perfection in everything you do is something that every person should aim for.


Of all the art works that he sent me, this is the earliest of them, when he did this in 6th standard. He has many fond memories of doing art work like this, especially since he was in  Bangalore at that time.

Those days are crystal clear, etched in my memory. I was in Bangalore, and I had a friend (a neighbour to be exact). We used to do many creative works together. His name was Nischal. We did many papier mache works and other paper sculpture and origami. My mom used to make clay sculptures. There was some clay always kept in the bucket and I made up my mind to do something with it and finally gave it a shape. I know it’s not that good but probably if I had got a bucket of modelling clay right now, I would’ve come up with something even more interesting!!!

The interesting thing about him is that he has never learnt a thing about sketching and painting and photography from any drawing school as such. His biggest inspiration is his  very talented, artistic mother.

From my very childhood, I used to watch my mom at work. I used to pay keen attention to every little stroke that she used to give on paper with her shading pencils and sometimes with her paintbrushes.I used to observe how she brought life into everything she made.


This is an intense sketch of Jesus. Apparently it was a very “rough” sketch.

Done about three years back. I finished it in 15 minutes. I remember the time clearly because it’s probably the only sketch that I have finished so fast in my life. I was extremely bored and all I had near me was pencil and paper and I made good use of it.


It’s DJ’s dream to own an Aston Martin since a really long time. His dad gets a lot of gifts from Medical Representatives as he’s a doctor. This sketch was from a calendar and it was irresistible for him to put on paper.


This was DJ’s token of remembrance from his school when we was writing his board exams.

I think it’s nice to sketch old memories like this and keeping them alive for so long.

I really like this sketch as it is very detailed and nostalgia flows through me, making me reminiscent of my school and childhood. I think it does for everyone.

My mom has received award for the best fine art from the biggest and the most prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, an institution for the distinguished artists. No doubt she has always encouraged me.

Her mother’s name is Nivedita Dasgoopta. You can Google her.

Coming to photography, here’s what he says about his first camera.

There is no specific reason as to why I got into photography. It’s solely because of passion. Since my childhood, I was very passionate towards camera and how they captured the best moments in life. I remember asking my dad to buy me a DSLR, when I was in class 9. He was not ready then, but he promised me that he would get me a DSLR if I could please him with a good class 12 marks card.

I worked hard after that and indeed he was happy to see my board results. After that, he gifted me with a Canon EOS 60D. I couldn’t believe my eyes and that got imprinted in my brain as one of the my memorable days.

I couldn’t believe how I had forgotten it myself but he still remembered.


Eyes of Innocence

That’s so adorable!!

  I took this picture in the Islands of Andaman. I came across a herd of spotted deer. But there was something different about this specific fawn. When the herd fled due to my intervention, this little fawn boldly stayed and came to smell me. I started petting it. At the end, I took this shot of the cute animal as a sign of remembrance.


Lighting up the Souls

I had taken this shot in the dining hall entrance in a hotel in Indonesia. They lit up the way perfectly and thus gave a perfect scene to be photographed. The lights gave a soothing sensation and a state of immense satisfaction.

I’ve never seen DJ immensely satisfied with any of his works and I’m surprised. And really happy for him, too, that he clicked such a wonderful photo.


Extremely excited

I always knew DJ loved animals and it was only at the end of our first year degree that we found out that he had a dog. Her name is Spark and she is absolutely beautiful! I wish to meet her one day!

This is Spark which was taken in my home during lunch time. Lunch was yet to be served and she was anxiously waiting for it.


Final Leap to Destination

I really liked how he’s captioned every photo. It just shows how creative he is and how in love he is with his art.

This was taken in Kolkata Airport while I was waiting for boarding a flight. The sun was about to set and the last rays of the sun flashing on the aluminium body of the descending GO Airlines gave me chance to capture this perfect moment.


When The High Tide Subsides

This has to be my favourite of all of his photos. It is simple yet captivating, and I feel like I’m longing to be there at that perfect moment.

I clicked this when I had visited the Indian Ocean beach from the Andaman Islands. I sat on the soft sands and looked at how the waves came and subsided on the beach. The thick foam that the waters at the vicinity created, urged me to take this shot.

I have known DJ for two years now and it is only now that I feel like I really know him. I loved the way all his photos are warm and cozy and creates a longing in me. Even though sometimes he feels insecure about himself, he should know that he really has a gift. A very big one at that.

Keep going, Deej! We’ll be there to support you always!

(Picture Credits: Prince)

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8 thoughts on “An Inspiration is All You Need

  1. OMG!! DJ made that clay model in 6th standard, and that Jesus sketch, if a rough sketch can be so beautiful, I wonder how a real serious sketch would be. He’s so turned I never realised, keep it up DJ with your art; you too Pari with your Talent Tuesday (I don’t remember exactly your tagline, sorry 😅)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank u so so much Pari…This means a lot to me…I never knew that my artworks will get so much value…I am elated to have read this…It made my day…You are the best…I want to cherish this blog and this friendship for ever…Ohh ya!! Your writing skills are simply superb…I just want to request you one thing…”NEVER STOP THIS TALENT OF YOURS.I MUST ADMIT THAT THIS TUESDAY HAS NOT ONLY FEATURED MY TALENTS,IT HAS ALSO SHOWED ME HOW TALENTED YOU ARE!!!

    Thanks a lot again Pari…and ya,I hope to continue my work of art as long as I die…Afterall you guys are always there to support me..!

    Liked by 1 person

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