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Why I started Tuesday is Talent Day!

My good friend Smriti and I have an aspiration: if we fail in our respective careers, we are going to open a Talent Office and live on that and the happiness of people being successful in their artistic fields.

This idea popped into our heads when our very own Vaishnavi was singing during one of our fests. We were both agape by the time she finished and Smriti asked her, “Why are you even studying electronics?!” with disbelief echoing all around us. To which Vaishnavi grinned and shrugged.

We haven’t worked out the details. But we both have an eye for talent. We don’t need to know their timeline of work. If it is recent, if it is good, we know that that person is talented.

And there is no way the talented people can deny that. We want to practically push them towards their goal and watch them succeed in their fields on the sidelines with smug smiled on our faces and we know that we have achieved something. I love the idea and I know that Smriti also does.

(P.S: If we can’t do this separately, maybe we could do this as a hobby, don’t you think, Smriti?)

Photo Credits: Prince



Books and mail make my day :) I'm slowly discovering art. But crafts help me lift my mood. Writing is important. Family is the best.

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