Modesty, Bashfulness and Hair

Abhishek Daniel Philip (who I will henceforth refer to as ADP) is a very talented artist and often doubts his capabilities. Today, my main aim is to make sure he can *partly* get  rid of his doubtfulness about himself.

He is from one of the most creative courses, B.Voc (Bachelor in Vocation) and his specialization is Animation. We met through our common love of Anime movies and he volunteered to give me some. And since then, he has been my source of movies and recommendations.

I’d seen his art work only once, and that was a huge eye, filled with different colored irises. I fell in love with that eye. And then and there, I knew: this one is a modest (very modest),  shy and superb talent.

He has a lot to say about how he started drawing. And his journey till now.

I had Art teachers in school. But I had no Art. The first time I ever tried to draw, I tried to replicate the cover of a book I loved, that had a boy and his tiger. But I was instantly discouraged by the teacher, and actually hit on the head with the hardcover ._.
I never “drew”, or attempted to draw again, until the last day of my 9th grade, when I picked up a manga and tried my hand at copying it. It was passably good ehheh.

This was from the Pokemon manga, a throwback to the days when all I could do was look and copy 😛


If this is just “passably good”, wait till you see his original art.

And my taxi across the copying border, my sensei: How to draw manga with Mark Crilley.
All I learnt, I learnt from this dude on youtube! 😀 So filled with gratitude, all I could do to express it was to buy one of his books, overseas, even though everything in that book was available for free on his channel. I owe him much :’)


In school, boredom was his friend. And his Hindi Textbook.


My 10th grade… Hindi was STILL my most hated subject, and all I can do in the face of overwhelming incomprehension? Draw.
My textbooks were FILLED with scribbles and drawings, only a few qualifying as … *nice* 😛
See? Modest.
This is my favourite of all. Done in a textbook. This is a perfect description of what we all science peeps do in PU.
So this is from the beginning of my term at SJPUC, and again, all I knew to do was express all over my textbooks. BUT, PUC was an end to my textbook/Exam paper drawing days, not because classes became any more interesting, but rather, that no teachers allowed for *such* expression in the time and space of preparing for *engg* as one science student MUST be doing!
The PU days saw my decline of doing anything *useful*, but the desire to follow what set me apart, stayed.
I totally get you. I’m glad you didn’t follow the herd or else we would’ve lost an amazing talent like you.
Water Final.jpg
The end of my year saw hectic exam times, meaning my only escape was into myself. This one was inspired by a poem in our english textbook, titled ‘Water’. I gave it away, to my English teacher, who was my encouragement through the two years.
Now there’s tears in my eyes.
He hopes this isn’t his best.
This took me Eight hours, over three nights. The first time I set out to make *an art* lol.
Inspiration for me comes from all of creation, and one thing that never ceases to fascinate me is hair. Everything about it, from textures to colours to highlights and fluidity inspires motion and beauty! 😀
Sadly, after this (IInd PU days) I don’t think I’ve been able to hit that high point again. College’s formalization has taught me much, but I haven’t been to any *inspiring classes* lately.
I am absolutely in love with this. Maybe I should get a print version of this…
Monochromatic Sketch
My first *proper* full-fledged digital attempt. A monochromatic sketch, very very flawed and frustrating, far from what I was trying to capture, but I must say, this puts on *paper* the way I want to go. Digital all the way!! 😀
She’s just so fierce!
Eye (1).png
He *kinda sorta* credits me with this design. I’m very happy!!
Pari, your request, asking me to digitize the sports day T-shirt for your class? That boosted my morale, and estimation of my abilities, even though all I did was move something from paper to PC XD
That is what enabled me to DARE to do this, the T-shirt logo for my class, B.Voc.
And I must say, I *do* like how it turned out, a perfect amalgamation of both the Camera/Aperture/Iris to represent the Filmmaking class, and the Anime Eye for the Animation class ^_^ (sooo stereotypical!)
Thank you, Pari!
It is just amazing.
The thing about artists is that no matter how talented you are, if you’re not creative, you can’t do things like that! That’s what I’ve learned from started Tuesday is Talent Day!
A sample page of his graphic novel.
Yes, a whole (of sorts) Graphic Novel that was necessary as a project for my first-sem.
All that drawing totally burnt me out >.> and again, left me absolutely disappointed in my capabilities.
I learnt alot in the process, and I did manage to squeeze out a few actually pretty pictures 😛
WOAH. I’d read this.
And who’s he mostly grateful for?
And for all my efforts at being an ‘artist’, I credit God for my successes, for blessing me with the “Talent”, which I can NOT deny. What I do with it isn’t much, but I look to glorify the original Creator in all I can 😀
What better way to learn, than from the best? 🙂
ADP is the epitome of modesty. I hope this is the confidence boost he requires. And he is so totally worth it.
Go out there and make art, ADP. You shouldn’t shy away from the world and keep your talent hidden behind your curtain.
I’ve learnt a lot from him. Especially about movies. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have watched most of the movies that I was supposed to and enjoy all sorts of them: the good and the bad. Thank you for that! Also for your endless support for my blog!
Photo Credits: Haimanthi
(P.S. If you know someone talented  in any field, find me here!)

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